Heavy Object Episode #23

Damn, I have to say that not only Frolaytia Capistrano is sexy, but ripped as well!

I have to say that exercising regularly makes those tits bouncier instead of getting saggy!

Anyways, let’s get onto the penultimate episode where the Legitimate Kingdom’s 37th Mechanized Maintenance Battalion are on the mission to protect Guru Klondike for a hostage exchange.

While this guru is preaching about non-violence, Guru Klondike’s safety is important as four major powers are involved on this exchange. Unfortunately, there’s one person who wants to ruin all…

And that’s Flide. Yeah, the former councilor has returned and he’s making his one last-ditch effort to plunge the whole world into total war!

So what he’s planning to do on this episode? Flide is gonna hijack Baby Magnum by installing a conditioning program called Mirror of Truth, which he stole it from the Intelligence Union. Unfortunately, Flide succeeded…

…which he brainwash Milinda Brantini by going on a rampage, starting by firing shots at Flide’s hideout!

Oh and by the way, both Qwenthur Barbotage and Havia Winchell got caught by it. Good thing they survived, but it seems that Flide bit the dust!

Gotta say that Sladder Honeysuckle ranting about the 37th Mechanized Maintenance Battalion’s downfall came true. That bastard, I hope he got executed in the future!

Anyways, I hope Qwenthur will snap Princess Milinda out of her conditioning on the final episode. I mean, he doesn’t want her getting killed by the likes of that “Ohohoho!” girl and her redesigned Rush!

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