Phantasy Star Online 2 The Animation Episode #10

Rina Izumi, she’s so lonely that Itsuki Tachibana kept her out of the loop! Some say that he’s dating Aika Suzuki…

But in reality, Itsuki is fighting those Darkers alongside Ai-Ai! C’mon, there’s no way that they’re lovers!

Meanwhile, there’s a new character introduced named Matoi where she assists the Council of Six regarding the extermination of Darkers!

Come to think of it, I wonder who’s the sexiest NPC other than Aika? Echo or Matoi?

Anyways, moving onto Seiga Academy’s school festival where we have a rare look of Aika Suzuki wearing a maid uniform… and it was glorious!

She’s so cute that both Kouta Kayano and Last Samurai-san were mesmerized by Aika’s cute appearance!

Meanwhile, here’s Itsuki having a talk with Rina-sempai to clear a misunderstanding between him and Ai-Ai.

Glad that he has the guts to tell the truth about his relationship with Suzuki-san…

Unfortunately, a Darker suddenly appeared to ruin their moment. Damn, what bad timing!

Oh and to make matters worse, this Darker attacked Itsuki! Sooner or later, he’s gonna get captured by the enemy and become the catalyst for the resurrection of Dark Falz!

Not until Rina Izumi transforms into her PSO2 avatar in which she fend that Darker off! While she managed to rescue Itsuki-kun…

…seems that Rina-sempai got captured instead! Wow, so the enemy decided to take her instead!?

Heck, even Itsuki can’t believe it! Well, I can say that Rina Izumi has become the damsel-in-distress at the end of this week’s episode!

Tune in next week and it wouldn’t take long before Rina becomes the host for Dark Falz! Damn those Darkers!

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