Durarara!!×2 Episode #35

Here’s Shinra Kishitani as he bumped into Kasane Kujiragi. Um Kasane-san, you should give way for him…

…as Shinra wants to see Celty Sturluson again! BTW, a lot of stuff happened on this week’s episode so get ready for it!

Let’s start off with Aoba Kuronuma as he emulate Mikado Ryuugamine by calling reinforcements!

But instead of ordinary folks, Aoba called local gangs to overwhelm Chikage Rokujo.

Of course, having various thugs within the Dollars’ ranks is just the tip of the iceberg…

In fact, let’s add both Shizuo Heiwajima and Izaya Orihara into the mix as they’ll continue their fight right here at the Russia Sushi!

By the way, seems that Takashi Nasujima couldn’t believe it that two notorious figures in Ikebukuro have appeared. Naturally, this sends him to a panic and ordered his children to storm the sushi restaurant and infect Simon Brezhnev.

Of course, infecting Simon won’t be easy though and let’s not forget about a potential involvement with the Awakusu-kai…

Meanwhile, Erika Karisawa has finally reunited with Kyohei Kadota’s group, although they saw her as one of Saika’s children at first.

Good thing Erika accidentally remove her red contacts and told Anri the truth. Of course, their reunion will be ruined by someone…

Someone like Ran Izumii who is here to kill Dotachin, rape Saki Mikajima, and do nasty things with his trusty rubber mallet!

Yeah, this guy is crazy, isn’t he? But you know what, there’s someone who is crazier than Ran Izumii!

And that’s Walker Yumasaki as he made a flamethrower! Now he’s invoking the power of Innocentius…

…by burning Ran Izumii to death. Now who’s the craziest person around, Izumii-kun?

Oh yeah, let’s move onto their meeting between Mikado Ryuugamine and Masaomi Kida, shall we?

Unfortunately, their meeting has gone sour when Mikado brought a gun and he’s gonna shoot at his friend.

Honestly, Mikado has gone nuts and seeing him declaring that Dollars is no more solidified it!

You know what, Mikado will be saved by Masaomi Kida with some good’ol fistcuffs. That’ll beat him up to his senses!

But then, Kida’s leg got hurt all of a sudden. Well, it must be Masaomi’s knee injuring during his scuffle with Ran Izumii!

But it turns out that Ryuugamine shot his friend in the leg with his glove gun… And now he’s gonna use it to kill himself which is so stupid that I wanna laugh my ass off!

Really Mikado-kun, I don’t think that killing yourself would solve anything though!

Heck, even Masaomi Kida doesn’t like him committing suicide! Apart from Kida’s attempt to stop Ryuugamine from killing himself, so much stuff has happened on this episode that it overwhelmed me!

In any case, I’ll see you on the final episode. I’m hoping that Durarara!! don’t go from bad to worse on Easter Sunday!

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