Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu Episode #11

So, here’s Konatsu-chan as she lead Kiku- I mean the 8th Generation Yakumo Yurakutei to her parents. I wonder who’s the father and mother of this child?

Well it turns out that Konatsu’s father is actually Sukeroku! But then again, it seems that he lost motivation on performing rakugo, let alone work his ass off to earn money.

While aside from indirectly abusing his child like forcing Konatsu to work, seems that Sukeroku has fallen into hard times as he’s became a shadow of his former self. Naturally, Kikuhiko doesn’t like him acting like a bum so he forced Sukeroku to do odd jobs and earn money to clear off his debt!

Even though Kiku-san gave Sukeroku something to do, the once prodigy of rakugo refused to come out of his hiding and perform again.

But despite refusing to perform at a large crowd, Sukeroku’s rakugo didn’t diminished as joined Kikuhiko to perform together in front of Konatsu. You know what, will it be nice if they took the manzai route?

Oh yeah, and since Sukeroku is confirmed to be Konatsu’s father, what happened to her biological mother?

Oh, it turns out that Konatsu’s mother happened to be Miyokichi as she becomes a prostitute. And who says that prostitution is banned in Japan? It still exist in another form and it somewhat limited such as enjo kosai.

Anyways, I have to say that Miyokichi is somewhat of a wreck, both physically and emotionally. Not only that, but she hated rakugo because Kikuhiko chose his career over her. Of course, Miyokichi’s fate will be drawn again when Kikuhiko will perform at a local inn… and Sukeroku will join the 8th Generation Yakumo Yurakutei for a double feature.

In any case, these three people will be at a crossroads again on the next episode and I have to say that it’s gonna be a tragedy happening next week!

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