Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash Episode #11

Hello everyone to this penultimate episode of Grimgar! Now then, Haruhiro and his party are getting away from Death Spots.

But first, he’ll has to take down a lesser kobold silently as Haruhiro shows and find the exit. At this point, their strength isn’t great when it comes to defeating Death Spots!

Anyways, the party went to the deepest parts of Cyrene Mine where this area formerly sits the Temple of Lumiaris. This is the spot where they take a rest before going up to the surface.

Meanwhile, Mary is still shaken about Death Spots’ appearance as she still recalls her companions getting killed by that kobold.

Speaking of Mary’s fallen comrades, they have returned but the No-Life King turned them into undead warriors. This is basically what happens when you don’t give your dead companions a proper burial.

Haruhiro and his friends send Manato off to heaven in a proper manner, but this one could be very difficult especially Mary!

Fortunately for Mary, she has a new skill called Dispel which removes the curse from No-Life King and purifies the undead.

This is very handy for her as Mary prepared it for the moment she saw her companions again!

And so, Mary sends her final farewell to her friends as she sends them to the afterlife.

I have to say that Mary did a good job of confronting her former comrades and it so touching to see this moment!

But then, her moment was interrupted when Death Spots appeared to hunt Haruhiro’s party down.

Well, time for Mary and her new friends to get out of here. Fleeing is the best option if you don’t want casualties!

However, there’s only one person who decides to stay. That person is none other than Ranta the Dark Knight as he’s gonna throw rubble at the enemy!

While he supposed to join Haruhiro and the rest of the party, but Death Spots cut Ranta’s escape route off so it’s very unfortunately. So if Ranta dies in Cyrene Mine, he’ll regret everything he done!

Well then, onto the final episode and I hope nobody dies…

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