Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm Episode #11

Here’s a new character named Mayu Ganeko. Too bad that she’ll be beaten…

…by Asuka Kurashina in the Fall Tournament semi-finals!

By the way, seems that they the regulars from Kunahama Institute Flying Circus Club has learned some valuable tips from Masaya Hinata and Aoi Kagami. Basically, GONZO skipped their hellish training and they got stronger… except for Mashiro Arisaka!

Meanwhile, Aoi Kagami was told by one of the insiders that something’s fishy going on with Avalon brand of Grav-Shoes.

Is Irina’s company doing illegal modifications like disabling limiters to get the upper-hand? Who knows…

Anyways, let’s move onto the other semi-final match where Misaki Tobisawa face off against Saki Inui. While Tobisawa is at a disadvantage, she managed to surprise Inui…

…by doing Sonic Boosts and Blaster Rolls, all while protecting her back!

Gotta say, Misaki did a great job of somewhat getting out of Saki’s birdcage!

Yeah, even her teammates are impressed! Unfortunately, it’s not gonna last long.

In any case, this makes Saki Inui very mad that she goes all-out instead of listening to Irina’s orders.

Well, this is what happens when she plays Flying Circus very seriously!

With that said, Saki Inui won the match against Misaki Tobisawa but it wasn’t a blowout victory, something that Irina Avalon felt very disappointed at the result.

As for Misaki, she felt dejected as Tobisawa didn’t maka into the finals. So much for her fated battle against Kurashina!

With that said, it’s the championship match between Asuka Kurashina and Saki Inui next week. But hey, she did a great job of giving Inui a run for her money!

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