Shinmai Maou no Testament Episodes #18 & 19

So about the conversation between Ramsus and Basara Toujou? Well it turns out that he will get Mio Naruse’s powers, something that Basara-kun won’t like it at all!

Speaking of Basacchi, he’s being taken care of by Zest using her own body! Man, what a turn of events there…

One more thing, seems that Zest has become one of Basara’s servant. And you know what that means when someone becomes a bitch to Basacchi.

Yeah, this happens ranging from the usual fondling of breasts. C’mon, everyone loves boobies!

Oh and let’s add Basara licking Zest’s ears until she reached her climax. Personally, I think he should have sex with his bitches, but Kadokawa can’t do that!

Anyways, it’s just a peaceful day at the demon realm…

However, seems that Leohart has decided to send his troops to call Mio Naruse out. Come to think of it, this reminds me of Shingeki no Kyojin!

Meanwhile, here’s one of Leohart’s comrades that lead the assault. This is Gald and I have to say that he’s tough…

…and powerful too that Basara couldn’t move. Man, Basacchi is at a disadvantage here!

Fortunately, Gald was caught off-guard when Basara used Brynhildr to slash his right arm without manifesting the sword itself.

Well, he sure underestimate Basacchi’s powers!

Meanwhile for Basara, I have a feeling that he’ll be a lot of hurt when he got caught in a magic circle waiting to blow off at any minute.

Moving onto Mio Naruse as she’s heading outside to see Basara Toujou and the rest of her friends.

However, what she saw was an injured Basara, all charred-up after being caught off-guard by magic.

I wonder who’s responsible for hurting Basacchi?

Well, it turns out that Nebra is responsible for blasting Basara away as well as taking out Gald as if it was an accident. What a bastard!

This angered Mio Naruse as she unleashed her demonic powers just like what happened to Zolgear back in Episode 11.

Her power is so great that one of Nebra’s giants got obliterated. Even Zest got shivered a bit when seeing Mio’s raw demonic power!

By the way, Ramsus participated on stopping Leohart’s pesky forces. I have to say that he wasn’t a show-off with his gravity powers.

Later, Ramsus decided not to pursue Mio’s power for the time being as getting it would be very dangerous!

Meanwhile, Basara Toujou has returned to stab Nebra in the back. I mean, that bastard might do something like raping Mio Naruse and then kill her for fun!

While Basara wanted to ask question at Nebra, it seems that he couldn’t do it as Nebra perishes for disobeying Leohart. Well, Nebra deserve it!

With that said, Leohart’s attack at the demon realm was finally quelled.

For Leohart’s forces, they suffered major losses including Gald’s right arm. Good thing he’s alive though but he felt frustrated that he lost a limb!

Meanwhile, Leohart is also frustrated that his attack at Ramsus’ domain got crushed due to Nebra’s insubordination as well as Mio’s unstoppable rage!

Honestly, this demon lord should be careful as Basara and his harem might pull more crazy stunts against him!

Don’t worry though as Leohart will be comforted by his sister, Liala.

Unfortunately, there’s no visible nipples from her so it’s sucks! On the other hand, Liala has a bit of a yandere side as she almost killed Lars for snooping at them.

But moving onto this scene where Mio Naruse is doing her usual routine with Basara Toujou. C’mon, it’s obligatory for her to get her tits fondled by her brother!

On the other hand, she decides not to inherit Wilbert’s position as demon lord as Mio wants to live as a normal girl… or should I say Basacchi’s plaything.

Speaking of Basara, he’s being trained by his father Jin as it turns out that Leohart is inviting him and his harem for a team battle. For Jin Toujou, Basara’s skill needs to be polished the hard way if his son will have a fighting chance against the current demon lord.

On the other hand, Jin Toujou told his son that he has two mothers which is a interesting development for me. Come to think of it, I’m speculating that Chisato Hasegawa could be- Nah, there’s no way she could be Basara’s mother!

Oh yeah and aside from Basara, everyone is training their ass off. Of course, the problem lies with their master-servant contract as it might trigger during the heat of battle.

Luckily, Shella has an idea to suppress their sexual urges by giving them candy, which is great but I’m worried that Mio and her friends might lose it during those dire moments.

But that’s Episodes 18 and 19 of Shinmai Maou no Testament as Basara and his harem are going towards Leohart’s territory and and accept the demon lord’s challenge. Anyways, I’ll see you next month for Episodes 20 and 21!

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