HaruChika: Haruta to Chika Wa Seishun Suru Episode #12

Well, it’s time for the finale of HaruChika where Shimizu South High School are getting ready for the regional competition. However, there’s a problem regarding Shinjirou Kusakabe…

You see, these two people are recruiting him to become the next conductor for the Hamamatsu Symphony Orchestra. While it’s a big opportunity for Kusakabe-sensei, both Haruta Kamijou and Chika Homura will be saddened to see him go!

For now, both Haruta and Chika kept quiet about it as the Brass Band Club are planning to give Kusakabe-sensei a thank you gift.

Sooner or later, both of them followed Kusakabe-sensei…

…until they reached the town Tanikawa where they find their club advisor visiting a grave. Unfortunately, Kusakabe-sensei noticed both Haruta and Chika right away.

With that said, it turns out that Shinjirou Kusakabe has an important person in his life who died on August 1.

While I’m speculating that it could be his mother or a mentor, Kusakabe-sensei visits this grave every 1st of August which he missed important events such as the Berlin Symphony Orchestra.

In any case, Haruta and Chika somewhat solved the mystery regarding Kusakabe’s disappearance in August 1, but it seems that they couldn’t tell them to stay at Shimizu South High School. That’s sucks!

Still, they don’t bother it as the Shimizu South High School Brass Band Club are now performing at the regional competition.

Yes, both Haruta and Chika come a long way from being a small-scale ensemble. Everyone got better in terms of their performance including Chika Homura!

But then again, they only got a bronze medal and they didn’t move onto the national competition.

It was a sad day for Shimizu South, more so for the third-year students as it’s their last time performing together!

Meanwhile, Kusakabe-sensei was impressed about their performance today that he wanted to stay with them as their club advisor. In any case, that’s about it for HaruChika!

So what can I say about P.A.Works’ latest novel adaptation? Well I have to say that it bored me to heck!

While HaruChika wasn’t a bad show, it didn’t click on me as the mystery presented on this series was a mixed bag of interesting and dull, sometimes being easy as Haruta solved those mysteries most of the time.

You know, it would be nice if HaruChika focused on music but due to Sound! Euphonium, I felt that this series wouldn’t fare much! But hey, the only thing that I like was Chika’s enthusiasm.

And speaking of Chika, she’s excited that Naoko Serizawa will join the Brass Band Club. Too bad that it’s already too late!

With that said, I’m done with this series…

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