Musaigen no Phantom World Episode #12

Oh look, it’s Albrecht as Kurumi’s teddy bear has returned to kick ass and take names!

Of course, he’s not the main focus on this penultimate episode…

You see, there’s a rouge Phantom named Enigma who hunts down people with special powers. This is a problem lately as most of the students at Hosea Academy are being targeted…

Oh yeah, and I forgot to tell you that Enigma sucked the life out of those students including their special powers, which is problematic as they won’t see nor take down Phantoms anymore without their powers!

On the other hand, Enigma’s existence is a mystery though. Is her appearance is the result of Alayashiki’s latest experiment gone horribly wrong? Who knows!

Then again, Haruhiko Ichijou will just capture Enigma as usual. However, it turns out that Enigma disappeared from Haruhiko’s sketchbook afterwards. Pretty weird!

In any case, Enigma is easily defeated… or is it?

Meanwhile, it seems that Haruhiko’s mother suddenly appeared after being away for so long.

It’s a bit strange for Haruhiko’s mom to come back to him after beating that Phantom, but he’s happy that she returned!

So yeah, Haruhiko is living with her mother as we speak. Of course, I wonder why she suddenly appeared?

Well, Himeno-sensei has the answer as she told Mai-sempai on the phone that Haruhiko’s mother has gone missing for days according to her former husband.

But wait, Haruhiko’s mother is living together with his son so there’s no way she could have gone missing!

Unfortunately, it turns out that Enigma is controlling Haruhiko’s mother the whole time. Dammit, she got them!

Oh, and she took Haruhiko’s powers as Enigma thinks that she can use his powers better, meaning that she can capture Phantoms and use its abilities!

And since Haruhiko lost its powers, Ruru-chan lost consciousness and couldn’t get up. Heck, she might disappear if his powers returned!

In any case, I’ll see you on the next episode as Mai-cchi and her group will have to beat Enigma the hard way. On the other hand, I hope her powers didn’t lose at the crucial moment next week!

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