Active Raid -Mobile Assault Division, Unit 8- Episode #12

Well, it’s now or never as Unit 8 are in a tighter situation. While Mythos ruled Japan by hacking the system, it’s not like that he has complete control over it!

But with Hinata Yamabuki’s help, they’ll have a way to stop Mythos and restore Japan. The only thing Unit 8 needs is to find clues inside Hinata’s laptop as Tomoki Hachijou toyed with it.

Meanwhile, here’s Mythos as he says his wishes to Bird and make a spectacular final act. C’mon, he has free time after conquering Japan by his hacking powers!

And that’s donning a Willwear that can transform into a motorcycle. I’m not kidding, Mythos’ special Willwear can do that!

One more thing, it turns out that Mythos (or Tomohisa) was the leader of a cult called the Fruit of Tragedy, but his parents did the dirty work of committing mass suicide including his little sister.

But now, let’s move onto Mythos’ final act but it seems that Unit 8 managed to trace his footsteps at the crucial moment.

Honestly, Mythos shouldn’t call Bird where he supposed to carry his plan of conquering Japan!

Also, Bird got away after selling Mythos to the government. Tomoki Hachijou, you asshole!

I hope you come back ’cause Takeru Kuroki will spank you pretty hard!

Now then, it’s time for the rest of Unit 8 to pin Mythos down. I mean, Kuroki can’t do it alone!

So, it’s up to Oscar I and VI on assisting Oscar II. Way to go, Sena-san and Kazari-kun!

However, Mythos has the last laugh as his Willwear is stronger than the Oscar units. You can see Asami Kazari getting thrown like a ragdoll…

…and into Haruka Hoshimiya which she controls the jamming device. With Oscar III down, Mythos has more leeway to make his escape and finally control Japan by gaining administration access.

That’s until the United Self-Defense Force appeared to kill Mythos as he’s a threat to the country.

Unfortunately, he’s a minor and Unit 8 doesn’t like seeing Mythos gunned down by the military! So the only option left for Mythos is to get arrested by the police.

And coupled by Bird’s betrayal, Mythos has nowhere to go apart from a detention center for troubled youth.

Seriously, this guy is fucked up big time!

Well, that’s the end of Mythos’ reign as he surrendered to the police. He sure had fun while it last!

On the upside though, Unit 8 told Mythos to cooperate with the government on restoring the National Public Unified Intelligence Matrix to its normal operation.

In exchange, the Eighth will arrange an appointment for Mythos to meet his little sister, who happened to be alive under a new alias. Of course, I think Production IMS will skip that part as they’re busy making the second half of Active Raid!

One more thing, Liko-chan is back from being an apple. Hurray for not being a malicious AI who infects computers for the lulz!

Well, it’s time for Unit 8 to celebrate as they’re back in business. On the other hand, many questions remain like what happened to Governor Kazuyoshi Terao and will Logos continue to operate without Mythos around.

With that said, I’ll see you again in Summer 2016 for the second half of Active Raid!

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