Boku dake ga Inai Machi Episode #12

Hey everyone, it’s the final episode and Gaku Yashiro is gonna kill Satoru Fujinuma anytime soon. Oh, and he’s gonna kill a patient too and blame it on Fujinuma!

Not on Satoru’s watch though as he decides to jump on the roof and die.

Great idea there Fujinuma, but that’ll give Yashiro more leeway on hiding his footprints away from the police!

Yet, Gaku Yashiro rescued Satoru Fujinuma at the last minute as Yashiro needs Fujinuma to carry out his plans and get out of the hospital unscathed!

Then again, Satoru might file an arrest warrant against his former teacher for attempted murder.

So, he let Satoru fall down towards the pavement. Yeah, that’s a great idea for Yashiro ’cause killing the only witness is better than letting him live!

But it seems that Gaku Yashiro wanted to commit suicide as well. Great, now his crimes are kept to his grave!

Unfortunately, his suicide attempt was stopped when Yashiro saw Satoru Fujinuma perfectly fine after falling down from a rooftop.

It turns out that Satoru turned a bad situation into an opportunity to trap Gaku Yashiro! Oh, and he’s not alone for that matter…

He got some companions to back him up like his mother Sachiko. Not only Sachiko-san was present though…

…but there’s Kenya Kobayashi, Hiromi Sugita, and Sawada-san witnessing Gaku Yashiro’s downfall as they out-gambit him in the most glorious manner.

With the help of his friends, Satoru Fujinuma not only saved a patient from dying at the hands of Yashiro but he beat him to the punch!

Yup, and I have to say that it was glorious to see Yashiro’s epic failure of beating Fujinuma and get away with murder!

With that said, I’m glad that this case is finally closed.

And yes, he was whisked away by the police. I hope that there’s no bail-out for Gaku Yashiro, he committed many crimes far greater than an average serial killer!

For Fujinuma however, the fact that he’s surrounded by friends is the best thing ever in BokuMachi.

Despite being out for 15 years, the likes of Kenya and Hiromi supporting Satoru during his lost time was so touching to see…

Eventually, he recovered and became a successful mangaka compared to the original timeline. Then again, Satoru lost his Revival ability which means that he won’t see Airi Katagiri. But that’s okay as Boku dake ga Inai Machi is finally over where it ends on a happier note instead of a downer one.

Glad that I managed to catch this series and watch it until the end and I have to say that A-1 did a decent job with the adaptation. Of course, it would be nice if Fuji Television gave the studio some 10 more episodes to flesh out the story further like adapting some manga chapters that were missed out. Then again, it’ll bored me to heck!

One last thing, remember what I told you that Satoru Fujinuma won’t see Airi Katagiri ever again? Well guess again though…

Airi-chan has returned! Well, looks like Satoru Fujinuma will have Katagiri as his girlfriend in the end.

Anyways, thanks for this wonderful series A-1 Pictures!

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