Dagashi Kashi Episode #11

When you’re feeling hot during summer, have a bottle of Ramune as Hotaru Shidare shows! But she’s not here to discuss how Ramune got into Japan…

You see, she still wants You Shikada to join her company while Kokonotsu inherits his father’s candy shop business.

Glad that Hotaru remembered her reason why she went to the countryside, but it seems that You-san is just eating candy at the counter!

Oh yeah, and Hotaru is spying on You-san while she’s joined by Kokonotsu and Saya-chan.

Then again, Coconuts is a bit pessimistic that his father is not doing his job as a candy shop owner!

Well, scratch what Kokonotsu said as You-san does a good job of selling candy to kids whenever there’s an opportunity.

And that’s why Hotaru wants Kokonotsu’s father to join her family-owned candy company, but only time will tell if that happened…

Meanwhile, seems that Coconuts wants to suck on something on a hot summer day. Could it be that he’s gonna suck on Hotaru’s huge tits?

Nah, Kokonotsu will have to suck on Miyako Kombu Seaweed Snack ’cause there’s no way he could suck on Hotaru’s boobies on this series!

Yeah, just suck on seaweed instead… or suck on those boob ice cream from a previous episode!

In any case, one more episode to go! Man, I’m gonna miss Dagashi Kashi next week…

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