Durarara!!×2 Episode #36

Well, it’s the finale of Durarara!!×2 and both Shizuo Heiwajima and Izaya Orihara are not backing down!

On the other hand, Simon Brezhnev escorted his boss Dennis and his two patrons out of Russia Sushi… WITH BRUTE RUSSIAN STRENGTH!

One more thing, it turns out that the original Jinnai Yodogiri died but his legacy remains in Ikebukuro.

Meanwhile, Izaya got stabbed by a random person. I wonder who is responsible for- Wait, I know who did it!

Well, it’s Vorona who stabbed Izaya and she’s prepared to kill him as Vorona don’t want Shizuo-sempai to become a murderer.

That’s great Vorona, but you’ll become a criminal too y’know!

Fortunately, she doesn’t need to stain her hands once more as Celty Sturluson stopped the chaos with her powers. After all, it’s her responsibility for making a ruckus in Ikebukuro!

But you know what, things would be different without Celty around as she might not save Mikado Ryuugamine from taking a bullet to the head.

I’m glad that she saved Ryuugamine but that’s about it for Celty…

You see, she’ll the city and go back to Ireland as her continued existence might bring more pain and suffering.

On the other hand, Celty’s existence in Ikebukuro brought more good things like having Mika Harima and Seiji Yagiri as lovers and saving Anri Sonohara. Yeah, the city will be boring without her…

But the only person will be devastated will be Shinra Kishitani. Despite his injuries, he wants Celty to stay in Ikebukuro because Shinra loves her very much!

In any case, Celty Sturluson decides not to go back to Ireland. Unfortunately, she’ll have to lose her precious head but I’ll talk about it later.

Meanwhile, Mikado Ryuugamine and his friends are going home and tend their wounds. I have to say that nobody died on this finale!

Just kidding, looks like Takashi Nasujima went apeshit and stab Mikado-kun out of spite. Damn, why did this happen?

Good thing Anri Sonohara is there to retaliate against Nasujima-sensei!

But then there’s Haruna Niekawa as she protects Takashi Nasujima. Um, she supposed to kill him after doing nasty things to her, but I guess Haruna is still madly in love with Nasujima-sensei!

On the other hand, Kyohei Kadota and his gang saw Nasujima-sensei and they’re thinking “Maybe we should run that bastard over as revenge for Dotachin!” because that would be awesome.

So yeah, here’s Takashi Nasujima taking his own medicine by being run over by Saburo Togusa’s van. He deserve this punishment but it’s not yet over!

You see, Haruna Niekawa took her beloved teacher to a secluded place where no one can hear them. Well, seems that Nasujima-sensei will have a great time with his student!

See, he likes it- Wait, he’s terrified that a yandere Haruna will torture him forever and ever!

With Nasujima out of the picture, the city of Ikebukuro has finally became peaceful again. Unfortunately, not all of them aren’t happy the way the city returned to normal…

Take Izaya Orihara for example as he leaves the city for the time being together with Kine-san and Manami Mamiya.

But you know what, he got beaten by Shizuo Heiwajima pretty hard, so it’s given that Izaya left Ikebukuro a broken man with a few scars here and there!

Meanwhile, it’s time for me to tell you what happened to the rest of the characters like Shingen Kishitani as he went to Chicago, United States to see Celty’s head together with Igor and Namie Yagiri.

Speaking of Shingen, the mad doctor is recruiting Namie as his assistant with little success. And since we’re talking about Celty’s head, seems that Seiji Yagiri is coming to America together with Mika Harima!

Oh yeah, let’s not forget about Kasane Kujiragi as she saves Ruri Hijiribe because she wanted to!

Also, Kujiragi-san took out Ruri’s number one stalker named Kisuke Adabashi. Looks like Hijiribe won’t have to worry about stalkers anymore!

One last thing, Mikado Ryuugamine survived after being stabbed by Nasujima-sensei. Yeah, he’ll take a long time recovering from his wounds after shutting Dollars down and surviving hell and back.

But don’t worry though as Mikado got Anri Sonohara and Masaomi Kida at his side, so it’s all good for him and his friends.

Of course, there’s one person who is not invited because he’s a douchebag…

And that’s Aoba Kuronuma as he’s got escorted away by Mizuki Akabayashi. Sorry Aoba-kun, but you’re not welcome!

Anyways, that’s it for Durarara!!×2 and I have to say that Shuka did a great job of recapturing the first season and make it better. It was truly a fun and exciting ride watching the second season and it sad to see them go.

On the other hand, I wish Shuka would adapt the sequel novel in the future because there’s more story to tell in Ikebukuro!

For now, life is peaceful in this city as Shinra Kishitani and Celty Sturluson ride around Ikebukuro with her trusty bike Shooter!

But then again, there’s Kinnosuke Kuzuhara as he chase down Celty and arrest her for having no license and riding in tandem with Shinra. Yeah, this is gonna be a long ride around the city!

Anyways, it’s time to say farewell to this series!

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  1. Anime_Girls_NYC says:

    I’m so sad this ended. It was one of my fav anime because of Shizuo and Izaya. Oh well

  2. I loved the part where Aoba was bringing flowers to Mikado but Akabayashi stopped him. He likes Mikado but everyone else hates him. (Aoba X Mikado X Masomi; it works)

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