Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash Episode #12

What can I say, the fact that Ranta’s familiar is laughing at him is very insulting! But enough insults for this finale…

…because nothing is scarier when you have Death Spots hunting that Dark Knight down!

And I have to say good luck to Ranta on making out alive, but I doubt that he’ll survive.

Nah, just kidding as Haruhiro’s party came to the rescue! You can see that Death Spots’ left eye was shot by Yume.

C’mon, Yume doesn’t like seeing Ranta die even though she’s being mocked by him for having a flat chest! Then again, Yume got some nice ass though…

So with that said, Ranta has been rescued and it’s time for Haruhiro’s party to go home and fight for another day. C’mon, it’s a great idea!

Except that there’s no fighting for another day though as Death Spots appeared and it’s stronger than before!

Well, there goes their escape route and it looks like they have no choice but to fight this kobold the hard way!

However, Haruhiro has other plans as he becomes the decoy just to stall Death Spots so that his party members can escape.

Hmm, this is deja vu according to Mary but let’s hope that he won’t die…

But this is it, the final confrontation between Death Spots and Haruhiro where only one will survive!

For Haruhiro though, he wants to survive too not only as a leader but as a companion to the likes of Yume, Ranta, Shihoru, Moguzo, and Mary!

In any case, Haruhiro’s skill prevailed over Death Spots as he killed the kobold by himself. And afterwards, he passed out…

But don’t worry though as Mary picked Hal up and nurse him back to health. How sweet!

Now that Death Spots has been slain by Haruhiro, it’s time to par-tay~!

Now it’s time for my final verdict on Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash. While I have low expectations because it’s similar to Sword Art Online, Grimgar is starting to become interesting starting in Episode 5 where Haruhiro’s party rebuild itself after the loss of Manato.

Even though this anime series is not perfect apart from having pastel-like visuals and a good soundtrack, it shows that Haruhiro’s party didn’t just cheat to earn their place as Volunteer Soldiers, they did it because they learn from their mistakes and understanding each other despite having different personalities.

Heck, they got some respect from Renji too. Haruhiro’s party sure come a long way from being at the bottom to becoming bonafide soldiers.

Of course, their journey is just getting started as they need to explore the world of Grimgar like finding out how they got here in the first place. Then again, A-1 Pictures won’t go back to this series as they’re busy with other projects!

For now, I’ll leave you with Haruhiro as he visit’s Manato grave and talk about their journey and their future.

Well everyone, it’s time to say good bye to Haruhiro and his party. Happy hunting!

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