Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm Episode #12

This is it, the championship match between Saki Inui and Asuka Kurashina where one victor will change Flying Circus forever.

For Masaya Hinata, it all comes down to Asuka’s skill after teaching her some of his moves. Hope that Kurashina won’t sink as last time!

And right off the bat, Asuka got ahead from Saki as she made a maneuver that would rival the Birdcage…

This maneuver is called Pentagram Force and Kurashina made 3 points against Inui in the process.

See, this is where Irina Avalon would get mad that their advantage has been taken away by a mere lucky novice.

Therefore, Irina told Saki to turn off the balancers from her Grav-Shoes because she wanted Inui to win!

So yeah, Saki Inui is going full force as her Grav-Shoes took off its limiters and proceed to stomp Asuka Kurashina into the sea!

Then again, seems that Saki just tied the score and move onto extra time. But anyways, Inui’s relentless attack pushed Kurashina off the edge!

Now, the only thing that I worried is will Asuka have enough strength to go to the distance and show Saki that playing Flying Circus is all about fun?

Well, we’ll have to find that one out…

…as Asuka turned off her balancer from her Grav-Shoes. While she’s a bit shaky at first, but Kurashina got the hang of it!

Well everyone, it’s now or never on extra time. The only that’s left is for Asuka to turn this game around!

And look, she managed to edge Saki out while having fun. See Irina, this is how Flying Circus is meant to play!

Heck, even Saki Inui is starting to become happy instead of having that dead expression on her face.

Oh yeah, and something amazing happened as their clash has made a spectacular ball of light that’s more beautiful than the angelic halo. Of course, there can be only one winner…

And that would be none other than Asuka Kurashina. She almost lost her control over her Grav-Shoes, but Asuka managed to recover and scored a point against Saki Inui to win the fall championship!

Well, looks like Kunahama Institute will celebrate for winning it, especially the Flying Circus Club where they returned to the scene with style!

Oh, let’s not forget about Misaki Tobisawa as she congratulate her friend Asuka Kurashina. Yeah, it was the sweetest moment happened on this series!

Then again, Kurashina is somewhat tired that she and Tobisawa fell down to the sea. Um guys, please save both of them will ya?

One last thing, seems that Irina Avalon admitted her defeat. Not only that, she admitted that her style of playing Flying Circus is nothing more than a brutal contest instead of being a spectacular battle!

See, there’s no hard feelings coming from her so it’s all good for the future of Flying Circus!

In any case, that’s about it for Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm and I have to say that GONZO did a great job on adapting the visual novel into something that’s breath-taking. While I want more on this series, I feel satisfied on how AoKana ended.

With that said, it’s time to say farewell to Asuka Kurashina and the rest of Kunahama Institute Flying Circus Club!

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