Koyomimonogatari Episodes #05 – #08

It’s great to see Nadeko Sengoku back after being a snake god/oddity for a short amount of time. Good thing Deishuu Kaiki snap Nadeko back to her sense, but he’s not interested in conning middle-school students anymore…

Speaking of Kaiki, he told Araragi-kun the reason why he tricked middle-school students into buying his charms is because they have weak hearts that show more anxiety.

But you know what, Mr. Kaiki will have many opportunities to dupe people as long as their hearts are in disarray when dealing with various creepy urban legends!

Meanwhile, here’s one of Kaiki’s former clients as Karen Araragi planted her large breasts onto Koyomi-oniichan’s head. Of course, her bust size couldn’t compare to Tsubasa Hanekawa’s tits!

Anyways, Karen-chan is concerned about a tree growing at the dojo without noticing it.

While her fellow karate practitioners wanted to cut that tree down, Karen’s master decided to keep it as the tree is very sacred that the god of martial arts has made its presence at the dojo… or so it seems.

In any case, what’s important is that the tree at the local karate dojo is here to stay and Karen Araragi will protect it no matter what.

Moving onto Tsukihi Araragi where she’s bothered by a ghost haunting at her tea ceremony clubroom and she’s asking her brother for help.

Then again, there’s no way that Tsukihi would believe in ghosts and also, her clubmates made a creepy prank just to protect her… or bully her in the future. But if they did the latter, they’ll get a nice punch from Karen-chan!

Now then, I’ll end this post with Ougi Oshino as she’s standing on the former shrine of the snake god.

While some say that the shrine was moved from the ground to the mountain piece-by-piece, Nadeko-chan told Koyomi-oniichan that it was built using wood from the mountains. Then again, there’s no need to rebuild the shrine as it might topple the balance anyway!

In any case, it’s 4 episodes to go on Koyomimonogatari…

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