Dagashi Kashi Episode #12

Damn, looks like Hotaru Shidare is gonna trade her obsession with candies in favor of getting Saya Endou’s kiss! You sly candy-sucking bitch!

Oh wait, she didn’t kiss Saya-chan as Hotaru gave her a candy called “Sakurako no Uta” or Cherry Poem! It’s still sneaky though…

Meanwhile, here’s Kokonotsu Shikada as he’s tying Hotaru-chan up.

No, I don’t mean having her bound and get whipped by Coconuts in a kinky way!

You see, Kokonotsu is worried that Hotaru is getting impatient of having him succeeding the candy shop business from his father, apart from becoming a successful manga artist in the future.

But you know what, why not have Coconuts do both things although I don’t see any real progress from his manga unfortunately!

On the other hand, seems that Hotaru doesn’t mind waiting for Kokonotsu’s answer as her dream of making her family-owned candy manufacturing business to be the largest company in both Japan and the world is already a reality.

So then, why did she want to recruit You Shikada in the first place unless there’s a real motive to it? Could it be that Hotaru is in love with Coconuts? Nah, there’s no way she could do that!

But if she couldn’t take it anymore, Hotaru can drag Kokonotsu by force to the Shikada Corporation as he’s more knowledgeable than his father, like how to open a lid of a Sakumashiki Drops container with a 10-yen coin!

See, he’s more suitable in the candy business yet Coconuts wanted to focus on his passion of making manga.

In any case, I think his future will be open-ended as Dagashi Kashi is finally over.

While it was a decent show for me, the only thing that benefited this show are the real-life candy manufacturers as Dagashi Kashi shows their products. In fact, JList.com (NSFW link) are selling candy from the show.

Well then, I guess it’s time for me to say good-bye to Hotaru Shidare as we move out from the countryside!

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