Musaigen no Phantom World Episode #13

Here’s the finale of Musaigen no Phantom World and Haruhiko’s mother couldn’t wake up after being possessed by Enigma.

On the other hand, her current husband told Haruhiko that she wanted to see his son so badly. Man, that’s sucks!

By the way, while Haruhiko Ichijou acted normally minus his abilities, seems that Ruru-chan is fine except that her personality is different from usual!

Glad that Ruru is a-okay, but there’s no much time…

…as Koito Minase wanted information on how to beat Enigma, and the only thing Koito needs is by hacking this device she’s holding from her right hand.

Unfortunately, Haruhiko couldn’t hack the device quickly so it’s very unfortunate, let alone fix it!

Luckily, Kurumi Kumamakura and her teddy bear Albrecht can do it in a jiffy. Well, only Albrecht can fix that device to its working condition.

Oh, and throw up some extra service by hacking it. So upon hacking the device via Albrecht’s skills, it turns out that Alayashiki made enhancements for Enigma in order to become the most powerful Phantom ever existed.

Hmm, sounds like Kyoto Animation is copying Mewtwo from Pokemon. Also, Alayashiki is the company responsible for releasing the virus in the first place, but modifying a Phantom in order to make it stronger has gone too far!

Speaking of Enigma, she’s gonna attack the Alayashiki headquarters where Haruhiko’s mother is taking a rest there. It would be problematic if she was caught Enigma’s path!

In any case, they arrived at the scene and Arisu Himeno told Haruhiko-kun that in order to restore his powers, he must kiss Ruru-chan as she’s the key of unlocking his latent powers.

Sure that the plan is ridiculous but it’s the only way!

Then again, kissing Ruru-chan might be a bad idea after all as Haruhiko might chomp her head.

Man, those memories when Charlotte chomped Mami Tomoe’s head is starting to get back at me!

In any case, Haruhiko’s powers have returned and not only that…

…he can summon both Marchosias and Cthulhu in their original form! Well, seems that Enigma has more reason to take Ruru’s powers!

I mean, she want her powers so badly that Enigma wanted to rule over humanity using it!

Not when Haruhiko’s friends decided to stop her before it happens as Kurumi’s Albrecht punches Enigma hard.

Then, it was followed by Koito Minase and Reina Izumi pinning this Enhanced Phantom down with their respective powers!

Now all it needs is to seal Enigma for good…

Luckily, Haruhiko Ichijou can do that without the need of a sketchbook as he can seal Enigma with his hands.

Good thing he successfully sealed that Phantom without much effort!

While Enigma got a great time fooling Haruhiko around by disguising herself as his mom, there will be a time where a similar Phantom will get all of the powers and rule all over humanity again!

But now, it’s time for her to go as Mai Kawakami made the coup de grace! On the other hand, it’s sucks that Kyoto Animation didn’t build up about Mai-cchi’s waning powers.

In any case, that’s about it for Musaigen no Phantom World as Enigma has finally defeated, while Alayashiki will be punished for doing experiments on Phantoms.

And not only that, but Haruhiko finally saw his mother woke up from her deep slumber! Such a heart-warming moment for this final episode!

Well, another Kyoto Animation show has ended and I have to say it was decent to watch Musaigen no Phantom World. Then again, I’m not expecting a sequel though…

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