Phantasy Star Online 2 The Animation Episode #12

Damn, we’re too late as Dark Falz Apprentice got Rina Izumi captive! If ARKS destroyed both the Dark Falz and Rina-sempai, it’s Game Over!

So, let’s begin the finale of Phantasy Star Online 2 The Animation where Aika Suzuki and Itsuki Tachibana are ready to save Rina Izumi before the whole ARKS army killed her together with Dark Falz.

While she’s gonna stay behind to see if her allies are coming as well as defeating Darkers…

…Itsuki-kun will have to go inside the final boss and get Rina-sempai out! Well, I wish him good luck though.

That’s because Itsuki will have to navigate inside its massive body, and it’s not gonna be easy as Dark Falz make illusions to trap its victims until it was assimilated.

But eventually, Itsuki reached the core of Dark Falz and the only thing he can do is to snap Rina-sempai out of her senses…

Oh, and cut her free too because that’s how protagonists like Itsuki do when saving damsels-in-distress!

And now, it’s time for Itsuki to reach Rina-sempai’s hand and catch her! C’mon, it’s all part of Itsuki’s duty as a generic male protagonist.

See, he finally caught Rina Izumi and I have to say that it was so touching to see!

Well, the only thing that Rina-sempai needs is to get some clothes to cover herself up. Then again, she doesn’t need to…

…as Rina transforms into her avatar and having her gun ready to fire together with Itsuki-kun!

I mean, they can’t just find the exit the hard way so they decided to blast Dark Falz open and get out!

Yeah, that’s how they’ll get out of Dark Falz with maximum power! However, it’s not yet over as the final boss is still standing.

So, the only way to beat Dark Falz is for Itsuki Tachibana to perform a special Photon Art called Stargazer…

…which is a giant photon blade that’ll cut Dark Falz in half. Yeah, it’s so ridiculous that I don’t need to be nitpicky on this series at this point!

Oh, let’s add some speed lines because everything is awesome when you see Ai-Ai, Itsuki, and Rina-sempai combining their powers while having it!

But yes, Dark Falz Apprentice has been defeated. While crisis was averted, it seems that the final boss will return in the future!

Also, Aika Suzuki won’t come back to Earth and enjoy the Seiga Academy School Festival after-party!

I mean, Rina-sempai is so fired up that the party she dreamed of has finally made into reality. After all, it’s her last time as student council president to have one before graduating!

But yes, everything is back to normal except that Itsuki missed Aika Suzuki. Then again, Kouta Kayano is here to cheer him up!

In any case, that’s about it for Phantasy Star Online 2 The Animation. While Itsuki and Rina-sempai went to an offline meeting to see their buddies from PSO2, I have to say that this generic anime of promoting the game is finally over!

Sure that the last few episodes made it interesting that the line between the game and the real world is blurring up, the whole thing about PSO2 The Animation is that the anime series is made to promote the MMORPG and attract new players just to play it.

One last thing, seems that Itsuki Tachibana is gonna confess to Rina Izumi about his feelings for her. Too bad though that he’ll get interrupted…

…by a certain Aika Suzuki who returned from ARKS to be a normal student at Seiga Academy. Well, Itsuki got friend-zoned in the end!

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