Charlotte Episode #14

Well, it’s time for an OVA episode of Charlotte to close the 2015 Anime Season. While it doesn’t take place after Episode 13, seeing Nao Tomori and her three companions returned with their powers is so awesome!

Now then, let’s get onto this episode as they met Iori Sekiguchi who has mind-reading abilities.

However, Iori-chan’s ability is somewhat flawed as it relays inner thoughts on others instead of finding out what they’re thinking.

So if you get closer to Iori, your thoughts will be transmitted to others as Nao Tomori demonstrates where she thinks that Joujirou Takajou is a muscle freak, which was then transmitted to him and Yusa Nishimori!

Yeah, that scared Iori Sekiguchi quite a bit as she wanted to distance herself from the rest of the crowd.

But you know what, Nao-chan will fix that up as she won’t leave Iori-chan behind to those asshole doctors who wanted to experiment Sekiguchi’s abilities!

Oh, and she won’t do it by herself as Tomori will be joined by Yuu Otosaka by making him as the boke to her tsukkomi.

Um Nao-chan, making a manzai act with Yuu might not do any favors by kicking and punching him!

Anyways, they went to a theme park where Nao and Iori-chan are having fun… except for Yuu-kun as he’s afraid of heights.

Hmm, that’s rare to see him get frightened by riding a roller coaster or a drop tower!

Yes, Iori-chan is enjoying it thanks to Nao Tomori and Yuu Otosaka! Heck, she’s joking that both Tomori and Otosaka are a couple!

Unfortunately, her expression soon change when her powers was activated unconsciously to break up a couple.

Man, it’s sucks to have a flawed ability that’ll hurt people. No wonder Iori Sekiguchi ran away from home!

In any case, Iori-chan was so depressed that she wanted to run away. However, Nao Tomori caught Sekiguchi and comfort her.

Seeing that she doesn’t want to see Iori-chan cry anymore, Tomori and Otosaka decides to investigate how it happened by finding Sekiguchi’s friend Honoka.

Luckily, Nao finally found Iori’s best friend and explained to Honoka about her powers.

Afterwards, Nao told Honoka that she’ll take Iori-chan to Hoshinoumi Academy, but not before telling Honoka-chan to say her final words to her friend. C’mon, Tomori is a very sentimental person.

However, instead of saying farewell to Iori-chan, Honoka told that she has an incurable disease where her body couldn’t move. So, Honoka decides to distance herself from Iori Sekiguchi as she might get hurt from seeing her friend’s body becoming stiff.

Hmm, I can assume that Iori Sekiguchi has spinocerebellar degeneration, but having Honoka staying away from her friend is so cruel!

So therefore, Nao Tomori got angry at Honoka by shoving her to the ground. Remember, Nao-chan is very sentimental at this point!

Anyways, Tomori told Iori’s friend that she’ll regret it on leaving Sekiguchi behind.

And you know what, Honoka finally got the message but Nao-chan roughening up Iori’s best friend might cause her trouble from Honoka’s mother.

Let’s hope that Honoka can stay with Iori-chan no matter what!

With that said, Iori Sekiguchi was taken custody by Hoshinoumi Academy. Unfortunately, seems that part of her body is paralyzed that she was confined to a nearby hospital.

Luckily, there’s Honoka-chan supporting her best friend so it seems that there’s a good ending to this episode, although I’m not sure about Iori’s worsening condition but let’s leave it that way.

Anyways, that’s about it for Charlotte as I close out 2015 Anime Season! Meanwhile, I’m hoping for a new anime adaptation on some of Key’s visual novels in the future that is not announced on April 1.

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