Macross Delta Episode #01 (TV Addendum Edition)

And so, the formal premiere of Macross Delta has already happened and while the content of the first episode is the same as the special, there is some added scenes to the TV version apart from improved visuals!

Let’s start with Hayate Immelman as he jumped into a VF-171 Nightmare Plus just like Alto Saotome from Macross Frontier. After all, he doesn’t want Freyja Wion getting hurt!

But you know what, he did a great job protecting Freyja from a Var-influenced Zentradi. The only thing that Walkure can do is to cure them with the power of their song!

Anyways, it’s time for Hayate to get out of here together with the stowaway! Of course, Freyja still continues to sing despite being grabbed by Immelman.

But you know what, she doesn’t mind the danger as long as Freyja sing her heart out!

As for Hayate though, seems that he’s quicker in his feet as pilot that Valkyrie like a break dancer.

I guess he got that good after hours of piloting power loaders in his previous job!

Unfortunately, this TV Version of Episode 1 ends with Hayate Immelman getting shot down together with Freyja Wion.

Dammit Shoji Kawamori, why did you end it in a cliffhanger!? Anyways, see you on the next episode!

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