Mayoiga Episode #01

Hey guys and girls, Diomedia has returned after shitting themselves last year by making 5 anime series with various quality.

This time, the studio is making an original anime series where it’s directed by Tsutomu Mizushima and written by Mari Okada. Anyway, this is Mayoiga and I hope that having two prominent figures involved on this series will give us a good impression… or bad depending on the outcome!

Anyways, the story begins where 30 people are going on a trip towards a lost village called Nanakimura, where they’ll kill- I mean start over their lives there!

While there’s so many characters, I’ll focus on Mitsumune as he’s the main character who has issues with his overprotective parents. Of course, it’s not just Mitsumunu, but everybody else who has life and commitment problems!

By the way, it doesn’t include the bus driver as he’ll transport them towards their do- I mean their sanctuary. In any case, what exactly is Nanakimura?

Well, only Koharun has the answer to that as Dahara-san introduces her to the participants of this trip, who wanted to become a new person free from worries and other negative things!

Boy, I hope it’s true ’cause I have a feeling that Nanakimura is nothing more than a trap where only one person survives.

Anyways, I’m hoping that Diomedia will salvage their reputation with Mayoiga, as I’m looking forward on what’s gonna happen on the next episode!

Let’s hope that it won’t turn out bad for Mitsumune and his buddies at Nanakimura.

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