The Asterisk War Episode #13

Well everyone, The Asterisk War has returned for Part 2 as Ayato Amagiri and Julis-Alexia van Riessfeld move onto the next round of Phoenix Festa…

…to face these two guys from the Jie Long 7th Academy. Oh, and don’t let these two representatives fool you as they’re strong!

Both Song Ran and Luo Kunzhan are tough to beat, especially for both Ayato and Princess Julis who are somewhat tired after beating the Urzaiz sister back in Episode 12.

Yeah, it’s gonna take a while to beat them!

Fortunately though, Julis came up with a plan by initially separating both Song and Luo so that she and Ayato can beat them in a one-on-one fight.

And if it wasn’t enough, they can switch sides and catching them off-guard where Ayato slashed Luo Kunzhan…

…all while Julis blasted Song Ran away, therefore winning the match with a tricky play.

While both Princess Julis and Ayato managed to claim a victory, they should be cautious on their next opponent.

You see, there’s a chance that they’ll face the Li twins from Jie Long 7th Academy: Shenhua and Shenyun.

These two aren’t just arrogant who berated their enemies, but the Li twins are cunning and they can put their opponents in a dazed and confused state until their badges are broken.

Ayato and Princess Julis should be careful, otherwise they might get stomped badly!

Now anyways, I’ll see you next episode where I introduce a new character named Flora. I wonder what’s in store with Julis’ friend?

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