Hundred Episode #01

Hello everyone as I blog a new anime adaptation of a GA Bunko light novel by Production IMS.

In any case, this is Hundred where you have the main character Hayato Kisaragi, who will study at a academy ship called Little Garden where he’ll become a Slayer and beat giant monsters called Savages.

Anyways, let’s continue as Hayato arrived at Little Garden!

Oh yeah, and he’s greeted by Emile Crossford who for some reason resembled his dead childhood friend.

Not sure if they’re the same person though. Also, I have a gut feeling that Emile isn’t a guy!

Moving onto the student introduction program where they’re greeted by the student council president Claire Harvey.

Unfortunately, she’s a perfectionist as Claire doesn’t like to see anyone making mistakes!

For example, these two girls arrived late after spending their time finding Hayato Kisaragi. By the way, Kisaragi got the highest score during the entrance exam.

So without further ado, Claire Harvey decides to expel these two girls just because they got tardy. Naturally, both Emile and Hayato protested. However, the student council president will overlook this once… if she was beaten in a match.

With that said, Hayato Kisaragi challenged Claire Harvey in order not to expel two students!

Of course, Hayato needs a Hundred device in order to fight against the student council president. That’s where Charlotte Dimandias comes into play as she gives Kisaragi the device that’ll give him a victory against student council president Harvey.

By the way, Miyu Matsuki supposed to voice Charlotte Dimandias, but she passed away last year so Yui Horie took that role instead.

Anyways, a Hundred is a weapon device that’s essential of defeating Savages. It can change into 100 forms depending on the user.

One example is Hayato Kisaragi’s Flying Swallow (or Hien) where its initial form is a blade and a shield attached to his right shoulder.

While Hundreds have different types such as dragoon or innocence, the Flying Swallow is classified as chevalier-type. But you know what, it’s time for me to tell you why Hayato enrolled to Little Garden.

You see, he has a sister named Karen who is very frail and Kisaragi needed the money to cure his sister.

Therefore, Hayato went to Little Garden on the condition that his benefactors will give him funds for Karen’s medical operation.

Now let’s go back to Little Garden… Damn, I knew that Emile is a girl posing as a guy!

Not only that, but both Emile and Hayato are roommates. Well, it’s a bad idea there and also I have to say that I’ve seen this trope before!

Well Kisaragi-kun, you better watch out for Emile Crossford if you don’t wanna get kicked out badly! Anyways, that’s the end of the first episode of Hundred!

Next episode, Hayato Kisaragi faces Claire Harvey in a duel. For some reason, I have a bad feeling that Kisaragi will lose to Harvey and get expelled next week!

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  1. Mo Mo Morida says:

    I think I’ve sleep in a cave for a pretty long time… I never hear any news about anime adaptation of Hundred LOL (i’ve read its manga)

    Thx for the news (╭☞´ิ∀´ิ)╭☞

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