Anne Happy Episode #01

Here’s a new Manga Time Kirara adaptation by SILVER LINK where you have cute girls…

…having bad luck. Yeah, Anne Hanakoizumi got it at the wrong time on this first episode!

So anyways, it’s about girls having unfortunate circumstance and while Hanakoizumi was rescued by Ruri Hibarigaoka, Hanako-chan believes that she’s the luckiest girl in the world!

Honestly, her bad luck got sucked away by Ichiko Sakura and now she’s in the same level as Touma Kamijou!

Meanwhile, joining both Hanako-chan and Hibari-chan is Botan Kumegawa. She looks normal for a bespectacled girl like Botan…

Except that she’s prone to breaking a leg, an arm, or profusely bleeding.

Luckily though, Botan has a first-aid kit to apply it by herself, which is very useful ’cause her body is pathetically weak.

By the way, this is their homeroom teacher where she tells them that they’re full of shit by having bad luck!

I salute her for telling them straight about their unfortunate circumstances, and also she gives them rotten eggs as homework.

Lastly, some say that Hibari-chan isn’t unfortunate right? Well it turns out that she has a fetish as Ruri Hibarigaoka went to the construction site everyday… to see the signboard.

Yeah, I think Hibari-chan needs some help though in regards to her fetish!

In any case, I’ll see you next week and I’ll end this episode with Hanako-chan having her rotten egg hatched into a chick!

Honestly, seems that Anne Hanakoizumi didn’t have a total bad luck after all… unless the chick died in a few seconds after it hatched.

One more thing, Anne’s voice actress Yumiri Hanamori previously voiced Chiaya Misono from THE ROLLING GIRLS, just to let you know.

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