Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta? Episode #01

Well everyone, here’s another Dengeki Bunko adaptation by J.C.Staff! And don’t worry, there won’t be a case where Ako is “trapped in a game” just like Sword Art Online!

Also, Ako is somewhat married to knight named Lucian, but he often stay away from her advances because of reasons.

You see, Lucian made a marriage proposal to a female player, but it turns out that the female player is actually a guy in real-life. Yeah, that crushes Lucian’s heart and he swear that he’ll never date a female player ever again!

Yet, Lucian was forcefully married by Ako-chan much to the amusement of both Schwein and Apricot!

Speaking of Apricot, he proposes an offline meeting to strengthen their bonds. C’mon, better communication is beneficial for the whole guild!

In any case, it’s time for the offline meeting where we have Lucian or Hideki Nishimura waiting for his guild members to show up.

By the way, I bet that Ako is actually a guy playing as a girl just to troll Nishimura!

But it turns out that Ako is actually a girl in real-life. Also, her real name is Ako Tamaki where she plays Legendary Age as herself!

Now then, let’s meet the other two players…

However, it turns out that both Schwein and Apricot are actually girls in real-life! So that means Hideki has a harem now?

Anyways, Schwein is actually Akane Segawa who hates otakus of any kind, yet the irony is that she’s playing an MMORPG. Also, Schwein is German for Pig so it seems that Akane-chan doesn’t know about it before choosing that cool name!

Meanwhile, here’s Apricot who is actually Kyou Goshouin who is the student council president of Maegasaki High School.

By the way, Apricot is the guild leader of Alley Cats and he (or she) is a premium player, meaning that Kyou spends her money to buy rare equipment for her avatar!

Well in any case, this is gonna be another trope-filled anime series by J.C.Staff. See you next week if Netoge will have some kind of plot progression!

On the other hand, Ako-chan is so cute both in game and in real-life!

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