Mayoiga Episode #02

Well, here’s the second episode of Mayoiga but it seems that Valkana is getting agitated at the driver…

…so much that the bus fell into the cliff and everyone died. Just kidding, they’re alive though!

On the other hand, Mikage told the driver to leave the place and forget about Nanakimura. Heck, he gathered all of the participants’ wallets just to give the bus driver some money!

Sadly though, the wallets have no cash inside which forced the driver to stick around. So much for Mikage’s goodwill!

Now then, the 30 participants have arrived at Nanakimura on foot. Yeah, it’s their time to renew their lives at this hidden village!

Unfortunately, their first impression on Nanakimura wasn’t that great as it’s abandoned obviously!

Aside for having no inhabitants, the village might run into something like a big foot or even a serial killer on the loose. Anything is possible in Nanakimura!

Speaking of possibilities on what’s gonna happen in Nanakimura, I bet that Yottsun is gonna take Masaki to a dark place and rape her there!

C’mon, no one is safe on this village!

Meanwhile, seems that there are some people getting suspicious on this village as Detective Nanko asks both Dahara and Koharun on how they found Nanakimura.

So according to Koharun, she found Nanakimura after receiving a mysterious e-mail. Unfortunately, Koharun couldn’t find the last piece nor telling the authorities about Nanakimura as she believes that the place might close off. Personally, Koharun should tell it to the police so that these 30 participants plus the driver won’t suffer in the long run. Then again, it’s already happened!

Anyways, I’ll see you on the next episode where Mitsumune and the rest must find both Masaki and Yottsun before it’s too late!

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