Spring 2016: The rest of the field…

Well, this picture might remind you of something but I managed to finished the Black Moon story arc of Sailor Moon Crystal!

While it was an okay-ish season, there is a reason why I chose Sailor Moon to start this post…

01. Sailor Moon Crystal

That’s because I’m watching the Death Busters story arc as Sailor Moon Crystal returned in Spring 2016. Due to its success, Toei Animation has decided to air this revival series every week!

Anyways, gotta say that the studio did major improvement in regards to the animation quality. And while Haruka Tenoh and Michiru Kaioh didn’t transform into Sailor Guardians yet, I can’t wait to see them in action!

02. Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn RE: 0096

Moving onto the next entry as we have a new Gundam series! Well actually, it’s a TV edit of a 7-part OVA series which it was aired in the morning hours. Oh, and it’s the first time that TV Asahi aired a Gundam series since After War Gundam X.

While I’m not gonna spoil you or anything, all I want for Gundam Unicorn RE: 0096 is to have new scenes should this show will have 25-26 episodes. On the other hand, kids won’t even get it on what’s happening in Gundam UC should they watch it!

03. My Hero Academia

Here’s a Shonen Jump anime adaptation by BONES which is somewhat similar to One Punch Man due to having a superhero setting. In any case, this is All Might who is the greatest superhero ever!

Of course, there are many fans of All Might including Izuku Midoriya, who is always being bullied for not having any superpowers (or Quirks). However, Izuku believes that he wants to be a hero just like All Might… or become like Batman where he uses his intellect to beat villains.

In any case, it was a decent premiere but I want it more from My Hero Academia!

04. Bakuon!!

Moving onto Bakuon!! where it’s all about cute girls riding on motorcycles not unlike THE ROLLING GIRLS.

While this anime series will have fandom rivalry such as Yamaha vs Suzuki, as well as Top Gear references like Lime Kawasaki being The Stig of this show, Bakuon!! is all about the joy of riding a motorcycle and you should watch it too!

Anyways, a decent premiere of this series by TMS Entertainment and let’s hope that they can do it more because I’m interested on watching real-life bikes being animated with authentic sounds to boot!

05. Shounen Maid

Closing in on Shounen Maid and while it might have some BL moments, this anime series is cute to watch!

Anyways, you have Chihiro Komiya being adopted by his uncle Madoka Taketori after his mother died. Of course, due to Madoka-san being busy making costumes thus neglecting household chores, Chihiro took up a job as a maid by himself.

With that said, this show will make you giggle especially with Chihiro’s interaction with Madoka. Of course, there’s one show I’ll like to add as replacement of Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress since I’m blogging it regularly…

06. Sakamoto desu ga?

And that show is none other than Studio DEEN’s Sakamoto desu ga?, which centers around Sakamoto-san doing stylish moves and be on top in any situation. Yeah, it makes Karamatsu’s coolness look like child’s play in comparison!

Apart from having an all-star cast, this show will laugh your ass out on how Sakamoto makes ridiculous moves just to be the “coolest” guy around!

In any case, that’s about it for this post. See you around in May for the half-way point!

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