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The Asterisk War Episode #14

Anyways, this is Flora Klemm who came from an orphanage that Julis-Alexia van Riessfeld took care of them. Yeah, the princess loved those kids that she wanted to give them a good life. How sweet Julis is! Advertisements

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Kuromukuro Episode #01

Hello everyone as I’m here to blog another P.A. Works anime series. Nothing special about it as this show revolves around Yukina Shirahane doing mundane things as a normal high school girl!

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Kiznaiver Episode #01

Hey guys, Studio TRIGGER is back and it seems that we have an epic anime in the making in the form of Kiznaiver! Anyways, this is Katsuhira Agata who is the main character on this series. Unfortunately, he’s not as … Continue reading

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