Kiznaiver Episode #01

Hey guys, Studio TRIGGER is back and it seems that we have an epic anime in the making in the form of Kiznaiver!

Anyways, this is Katsuhira Agata who is the main character on this series. Unfortunately, he’s not as hot-blooded as Yuki Kaji’s previous roles…

…as Katsuhira is being bullied most of the time. Yet, he didn’t experience any pain or whatsoever after being punched many times!

Luckily though, Katsuhira was saved by a passerby named Hajime Tenga, who smack those bullies out!

Nice using your ass there to beat them down, Tenga! Unfortunately, Katsuhira was taken away by someone…

Someone like Noriko Sonozaki, who kidnapped Katsuhira Agata and explained why he can’t feel any pain.

In any case, Sonozaki told him that he has the Kizuna System installed in his body, which it share his pain to others!

Speaking of others, Sonozaki kidnapped 5 more people and have the Kizuna System installed in their bodies. This includes Tsuguhito Yuta, Nico Niiyama, Hajime Tenga, and Honoka Maki!

Oh, and let’s add Katsuhira’s childhood friend Chidori Takashiro to this mess. The more people involved, the merrier!

Now for the production itself, I have to say that I was overly impressed with the visuals and the animation so far. Coupled with a fun soundtrack, Kiznaiver might become one of the best series since Kill La Kill should they continue their performance!

But as for the story itself, that’ll be reserved on the next episode as while Katsuhira is connected to 5 different people including his childhood friend, the mystery surrounding Sugomori City might be revealed next week.

With that said, I’m hyped to this anime series by Studio TRIGGER!

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  1. Anime_Girls_NYC says:

    OMG my cousin was just telling me about this. I have to watch this

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