Kuromukuro Episode #01

Hello everyone as I’m here to blog another P.A. Works anime series. Nothing special about it as this show revolves around Yukina Shirahane doing mundane things as a normal high school girl!

C’mon, she’s hanging around with her friend Mika Ogino like any other school girls out there. After all, it’s just another slice-of-life anime!

But that’s about to change when Yukina encountered The Cube. By the way, her mother is working as a research director at the UN Kurobe Laboratory.

In any case, this ain’t a slice-of-life anime anymore as P.A. Works went into science-fiction with bits of mysticism!

But let’s move onto the next scene as the laboratory has been hit by a meteorite. Yeah, it was bad timing for Yukina on this sci-fi anime!

And speaking of sci-fi, we got robots on Kuromukuro! Of course, these bots are not the good guys as they came from the meteorite and they’re gonna slaughter anyone in its path!

By the way, this robot won’t just stomp any puny humans though…

…as it has drones to take care of those powerless humans and their not-so advanced machines. Well, that’s sucks for them!

Meanwhile amidst the chaos, Yukina checks The Cube as she saw a red glowing button.

Man, it’s one of those “What does this button do?” tropes being played here in Kuromukuro!

In any case, Yukina touched the red button and The Cube opened a door which contained a naked guy. I was “hardly” surprised there honestly enough!

Anyways, this person is named Kennosuke Tokisada Ouma and judging from his speech patterns (other than calling Yukina as princess), he came from the past in which I got me curious on those robots existing in previous times.

I have a feeling that aliens exists in the past and they gave them robots to fight against each other!

In any case, Kennosuke engaged the enemy drone robot in the nude. I hope you girls love his bare ass while fighting a robot!

Meanwhile, seems that UN Kurobe Laboratory has two mechas to stop the enemy in its tracks.

See, they managed to destroy it before the situation gets worse! Now let’s go back inside the lab where Yukina is watching the samurai take down the enemy drone…

…and he’s about to deal the final blow while still being buck-naked! I don’t know if I could stare at his body for much longer period.

In any case, Kennosuke Tokisada Ouma destroyed the drone. However, he’ll be shocked to see that the world has changed once this is done!

Anyways, onto the next episode. While it’s a good premiere, I hope P.A. Works won’t derail Kuromukuro since they’re somewhat new to the mecha genre!

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