Macross Delta Episode #02

Well, seems that a certain Mirage Farina Jenius saved both Hayate Immelman and Freyja Wion from certain doom!

However, seems that Mirage doesn’t like Hayate much due to piloting a Valkyrie illegally. You know what, these two might quarrel a lot, but they’ll become lovers in the end!

In any case, the dust has settled in Al-Shahal as the Aerial Knights have retreated while the Var Syndrome has been quelled by Walkure.

Moving onto the Aerial Knight headquarters, Keith Aero Windermere questions their withdrawal by their commander Lord Roid Brehm and he’s not pleased about it. By the way, I’m so curious on why Lord Roid is interested or Walkure and their songs?

On the other hand, I would like to correct myself in regards to their connection to the Var Syndrome. It seems that the Aerial Knights have no connections with the syndrome for now.

Speaking of Keith Aero Windermere, I wonder if he’s part-Windermerean should Keith has a hidden rune somewhere in his body? I mean, Windermere doesn’t like terrestrial culture such as music!

Anyways, let’s move onto the next scene where Freyja Wion has finally arrived in Laguna for the auditions.

Let’s hope that Freyja will be selected so that she can sing with her idol Mikumo Guynemer!

Still in Laguna, Hayate Immelman was invited by Arad Mölders to join the Delta Squadron due to his piloting skills back in Al-Shahal. Then again, he doesn’t like being in the military and act like a proper soldier!

Returning to Freyja Wion as she was dejected for not being part of Walkure. So much for her dazzling performance!

Oh and to make matters worse, Laguna was hit by another Var Syndrome. Damn, Freyja can’t catch a break!

But you know what, the only thing that Freyja can get out of this mess is by singing like there’s no tomorrow!

In any case, Freyja Wion sang her heart out as her rune glows brightly. Even though she’s scared, Freyja put up a brave face just to stop this person from assaulting her!

With that said, her voiced reached the victim and the Var Syndrome was subsided.

Now back at Hayate Immelman as he jump down and get back up again by riding the wind. WHAT!? Well actually, he somewhat heard Freyja’s singing voice!

On the other hand, Hayate agreed to join the Delta Squadron but it seems that Mirage will have a bad blood against him… at first.

Meanwhile, looks like Walkure is here but it was later found out that it was all just a set-up, just to see if Freyja Wion is the real deal of joining the idol group.

And you know what, she did join Walkure! You know, will it be nice if Mikumo Guynemer and Kaname Buccaneer recruited Freyja directly instead of going to the audition process?

Yet, we have Freyja doing the whole thing just to impress the regulars!

One more thing, there wasn’t a Var Syndrome threat happened in Laguna so it’s all part of Walkure’s ploy.

Anyways, glad that Freyja Wion finally joined the idol group and let’s hope she can do better together with Hayate Immelman! Then again, Freyja will lose the fight for love unless Hayate declared her and Mirage as his wings.

Well then, see ya next week for another episode of Macross Delta!

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