High School Fleet Episode #01

Here’s a new anime series where you have cute girls learn how to steer a ship. And they’re not just steering an ordinary ship…

…as Yokosuka Girls’ Marine High School are learning to operate a navy vessel should a war break out in a world where most of the land are covered with water!

Well, that’s until Harekaze and its crew were attacked by an instructor for being late in class. So when Captain Akeno “Mike” Misaki retaliated, it turned for the worse as the Harekaze crew were branded as mutineers! Yeah, it makes Girls und Panzer looked softer in comparison, and this show is far better than KanColle for that matter!

In any case, this is a surprising anime series by Production IMS and I have to say that if they keep this up, Haifuri might be one of the best military series should they stay clean from their neighbors like Korea and China.

Anyways, I can’t wait for the next episode on what’s gonna happen for Captain Misaki and her crew!

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