Hundred Episode #02

Hey everyone, looks like the duel is underway as Hayato Kisaragi dashes forward…

…and crashed onto Claire Harvey. By the way, take a guess on what’s gonna happen next?

Well, times up as we have Hayato accidentally groping Claire’s tits! No surprises there honestly!

Thanks to that accidental boob grab, Claire Harvey got pissed and she punched Kisaragi to the gut. Thus, he got knocked out to the ground…

…only to get up again and suddenly attacked the unbeatable Queen with relentless speed, as if he’s a different person compared to his usual self.

Hmm, I wonder if Hayato trained so hard that he develop an alter-ego when things are going tough?

And if it wasn’t enough, he can access full-body armament with N-barrier in a snap. This is basically a completely different beast now!

Of course, Claire Harvey won’t accept a humiliating defeat as she summoned her cannon to fire at Hayato Kisaragi.

And in devastating fashion, he was shot down like a mosquito being zapped! Well, it looks like the duel has finally settled then…

Fortunately for Kisaragi, it was declared a draw as Claire Harvey got over-whelmed by Hayato’s strength. Too bad that he won’t remember it!

Speaking of Ms. Harvey, she is still bothered by it even though Claire came on top in the end.

Then again, she’s worried about having her boobies grope by Kisaraagi so no surprises there!

Moving onto the next scene where Hayato Kisaragi and Emile Crossford are just strolling around the business district. It’s not like they’re dating as both of them are male!

See, even Karen wasn’t suspicious about Emile Crossford since he’s 100% guy!

Just kidding, Emile is a girl dressed up as a boy as only the smartest viewers can tell what his true gender is!

One last thing, seems that Claire Harvey has invited Kisaragi to join the Selection where he’ll do bodyguard duties as well as eliminating Savages!

Of course, he’ll be forced to join that special unit on the next episode where a Savage is rampaging at the Zwei Islands. C’mon, that’s what main characters would do on this situation!

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