Anne Happy Episode #02

Uh-oh, something ominous is coming your way thanks to SILVER LINK’s deranged sketch animation…

…which turned out to be a robot rabbit named Timothy as he guides the girls in other places!

By the way, this school is so high-tech that measurements are done automatically, even the amount of misfortune!

Also, seems that the reason why Botan Kumegawa is very weak because her weight is transmitted to her breasts. Therefore, Botan felt very heavy when running in 100 meter dash or doing athletic activities.

Meanwhile, here’s Anne Hanakoizumi as she’s being dragged by Ruri Hibarigaoka because they’re being chased by animals.

By the way, Hanako loves cute animals but it seems that dogs and cats want her blood! I wonder if she got rabies after being attacked by animals?

Oh yeah and I forgot to introduce two new characters that’ll be featured in future episodes: Hibiki Hagyu and Ren Ekoda.

Look forward to them on the next episode!

Lastly, here’s Hibari-chan as she looks at the signboard like she’s in love with it.

It doesn’t help as Ruri Hibarigaoka took noticed of the signboard when she was young. Heck, she even give the signboard an umbrella during Winter!

But you know what, both Hanako and Botan don’t mind about her fetish as they still treat her as a friend!

Anyways, that’s about it for this week’s episode of Anne Happy!

One more thing, seems that those cute animals got attracted to Ren Ekoda instead. That’s sucks for her!

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