Kuromukuro Episode #02

Hello everyone for another episode of Kuromukuro as this is the princess that Kennosuke Tokisada Ouma protects, yet he failed to do so as the demon giants took away from him and died!

Many years later, Ouma-dono was reawakened to modern times where he took Yukina Shirahane to The Cube, which transforms into a hovercraft.

Later, Kennosuke mistook Yukina as the princess but he still took her for a ride however.

Oh yeah, I found out that The Cube is one of the component on this giant robot called Kuromukuro, which means Black Corpse.

In any case, Ouma-dono uses Kuromukuro to slay demons (or Oni if you want to call it that way) because that’s his duty as a samurai!

Said demons happened to be giant robots that came from outer space, and I’m not kidding about this one as they existed in the past!

So once Kennosuke managed to deal tons of damaged to this Oni, it got away via the tractor beam which came from a fortress somewhere in the Solar System. Damn, we got ancient aliens on this series!

Anyways, looks like next week’s episode will have Kennosuke Tokisada Ouma getting shocked to see how the world was changed from the past.

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