Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta? Episode #02

Well, looks like the offline meeting is successful and now Alley Cats can communicate well because of that event!

Then again, they sometimes talk about real-life which is why both Schwein and Apricot turned into Akane Segawa and Kyou Goshouin, respectively.

Of course, there’s one exception as Ako Tamaki couldn’t talk outside of Legendary Age. You see, Ako couldn’t distinguish between reality and fantasy.

So when Ako-chan approaches Hideki Nishimura, she called him as Lucian. Oh yeah, and Ako called Hideki as her husband to boot!

Let’s not forget about Akane being called as Schwein by Ako-chan, even though she’s finally despising that name after learning it in the first episode.

With that said, Ako Tamaki needs a bit of help as she’s acting like a character from an MMORPG!

Fortunately, Kyou Goshouin has a solution as she made a Net Game Club for Ako Tamaki.

Then again, this club will just be used for killing time like playing Legendary Age all the time!

In any case, President Kyou will do her best to break Ako’s illusion so she can be a normal girl outside of the game.

On the other hand, Akane is getting jealous that the club has the latest PC hardware while hers is just a low-spec, hands-me-down piece of junk!

One last thing, here’s the character where Lucian made a proposal, but got rejected because this player is a guy in real-life.

This is Nekohime, and I wonder what’s in store for her next week?

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