Big Order Episode #01

From the creator and the studio that brought you Mirai Nikki, Sakae Esuno and Asread, comes another series where the main character…

…caused the whole world into ruin 10 years prior. And yes, it went downhill from there!

Anyways, Big Order tells the story of Eiji Hoshimiya who made a wish yet he couldn’t remember any of it afterwards.

He was guided by Daisy who grants wishes and Orders to people like Eiji, but it seems that Daisy is fascinated by his powers so she stick around towards him. I wonder if she has a hidden agenda to it?

Meanwhile, here’s Rin Kurenai who is the new student that transferred to his school on this episode. Yeah, she’s cute and sweet…

…and fuckin’ deadly as Rin revealed herself as an assassin sent to kill Eiji Hoshimiya as revenge for the death of her parents.

By the way, Rin Kurenai has an Order too where she can’t die by any means!

Oh, and she kidnap his sister Sena and stab her in the left shoulder because why not!

Gotta say that Rin Kurenai is so fucked up. Maybe I should re-watch Mirai Nikki after this series to see if she can stack-up with Yuno Gasai.

On the other hand, seems that she doesn’t want to see Sena Hoshimiya die as Rin healed her wound.

But then again, Rin didn’t intend to heal her at all!

Because it turns out, Eiji Hoshimiya has his own Stand Order where he can manipulate people within his territory.

So yeah, Eiji can order Rin’s grunt soldiers to kill each other instead of pointing their guns at him!

Oh, and he’s gonna dominate Rin via his Order’s tentacles as the first step of conquering the world.

Unfortunately, we won’t see how Rin Kurenai was tentacle raped so we’ll leave that to the Blu-Ray version! In any case, can’t wait for the next episode!

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