High School Fleet Episode #02


Wait a minute Rin Shiretoko, you ain’t Hanayo Koizumi! Also, the Harekaze crew aren’t out from danger yet…

…as they found themselves being hunted down by a German cruiser named Admiral Graf Spee.

Yes, everyone hates Harekaze and this ship is no exception as Admiral Graf Spee has the power of a battleship!

One more thing, seems that there’s a female sailor escaping her former comrades or something.

Too bad that she was sunk down. Man, I feel that there’s a conspiracy brewing in High School Fleet!

Fortunately, Captain Akeno Misaki went to the sea to save a stranded sailor before she goes deep into Davy Jones’ locker!

I have to say that Mike is similar to Miho Nishizumi as both girls care about their comrades as well as saving others.

Meanwhile, Mashiro “Shiro” Munetani takes the helm for the time being as she tries to shake off Admiral Graf Spee…

…by firing live rounds at the German ship until the Admiral Graf Spee slows down, just for the destroyer Harekaze to get away.

Shiro got lucky this time, but the next one won’t be so lucky as Munetani is born with misfortune!

Anyways, with Capt. Misaki saved a fellow sailor from being blasted by her countrymen, it seems that Harekaze’s battle of clearing their names will be a hard-fought one ahead.

By the way, I feel that there won’t be any aircraft carriers featured in Haifuri as there are no planes exist on this series!

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