Mayoiga Episode #03

Woah, are these participants for this one-way bus tour to Nanakimura are freaking out now, just because both Masaki and Yottsun went missing…

…or it’s just that they saw bear claw marks? Just kidding, it’s obvious that things are getting bleak on this series!

But let’s move onto this episode as Masaki is the only survivor. Now the only thing left is what happened to Yottsun.

While Yottsun didn’t rape her, the fact that everyone is hounding her with questions and accusations will break her badly!

Meanwhile, seems that shit has hit the fan on this episode as Jack got a farming tool on hand…

…and almost killed the resident chuunibyou named Hyouketsu no Judgeness, all just because of calling Hyouketsu no Judgeness as Jack and he doesn’t like using his name to someone else.

Seriously, I think the bus tour should do a background check before letting them in, but they don’t do that!

Anyways, Maimai identified Jack as Sasaki-san where she knew him back in elementary school, but Jack became deranged and was sent to the juvy back after stabbing someone due to being bullied.

While Jack will be locked up somewhere, I have a feeling that he won’t stick around and decides to kill’em all!

Meanwhile, Valkana is still finding Yottsun, but Koharun wants him to stop finding him and get back to the camping site.

Yet, Valkana still continues his search as he felt responsible for leaving him behind. And if it wasn’t enough, Valkana was the victim as he was scapegoated for leaking information, even though he didn’t do anything wrong!

Still, I don’t think he’ll find Yottsun successfully at this point…

Lastly, we got a yangire on this episode as Lovepon wants to kill Jack because he’s a dangerous person to the group. You know, she’s far more dangerous than Jack…

…as Lovepon tries to drown Mitsumune at the river, but failed to do so as he got away from her clutches.

One last thing, what happened to Yottsun anyway?

Well, here he is as Yottsun’s body was floating along the river. I have a feeling that a bear (or a big foot) killed Yottsun!

In any case, one person bite the dust on this episode and there’s more to come on Mayoiga!

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  1. Anime_Girls_NYC says:

    I really need to know what happen to him. And if Misaki is lying. Maybe she is the bear hahaha

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