Kiznaiver Episode #02

This is Kazunao Yamada and Mutsumi Urushibara, and these two teachers let their six students participate in the Kiznaiver plan.

Speaking of that plan, seems that the mayor is making a grand scheme in Sugomori City. We’ll find out in future episodes!

Anyways, it’s time for the Kiznaivers to introduce themselves, but they can’t tell common information such as birthday, favorites, etc.

Otherwise, Noriko Sonozaki will send a jolt on Kacchon’s body in which it’ll be shared to them!

You know what, there’s a better idea of spilling out some new information…

…like Noriko sending dogs to hunt them down. Yeah, that’s a great idea there!

But it’s super-effective against Hajime Tenga, who calls himself as “Mad Dog” is actually afraid of dogs!

For some reason, it seems that Sonozaki wants them to tell their secrets whether it’s embarrassing or dreadful.

Moving onto Nico Niiyama as while she’s eccentric even in dire situations, Niiyama admits that her looney personality is just a facade as Nico is actually a rich girl who doesn’t want to act like one.

But you know what, Nico is still eccentric even though she doesn’t believe in fairies! Next person please…

By the way, I wonder who is this character on this poster? It seems familiar to me.

Well it turns out that the fat boy in the poster is actually Tsuguhito Yuta, who slimmed down starting in middle school.

But even though he cut down some weight, Yuta-kun is still doesn’t want to remember his days as a chubby kid! Now then, where’s Honoka Maki?

Well, she’s at the morgue downstairs but it seems that Honoka saw something that she don’t want to remember at all…

And there she is, but I have a feeling that Maki-san did something horrible like murdering her friend. We’ll get to that on the next episode!

But for now, let’s go back to Katsuhira Agata as Noriko Sonozaki put him in a dangerous spot.

On the other hand, Kacchon can’t tell his secrets ’cause Agata doesn’t know who he is!

Not until his childhood friend Chidori Takashiro shows up as she wants to save Kacchon by telling her secrets.

It turns out that she wanted Katsuhira to return to his cheerful self, because Chidori loves him so much. C’mon, that’s what childhood friends for!

And then, they fall down to their deaths. So much for telling their secrets to strengthen their bonds.

Luckily, Sonozaki installed a safety cushion in case someone fall towards the pavement. In any case, all of the Kiznaivers told their secrets.

Of course, next week’s episode will focus on Honoka Maki as she’ll tell her dark past!

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