Macross Delta Episode #03

Is it me or the Delta Squadron ace pilot Messer Ihlefeld looked tall? Or maybe it’s just that Kawamori tricked my eyes with this weird camera angle!

Anyways, time for Hayate Immelman to show his stuff as he challenged Mirage Farina Jenius to an air duel!

Unfortunately, he’s getting schooled by the regular. So much for his sortie back in Episode 1, but I have a feeling that Hayate got better in piloting a Valkyrie back in Al-Shahal is because of Freyja Wion.

Speaking of Freyja Wion, she’s having a hard time singing her heart out. You know, I think she needs something that’ll spark her…

…like seeing Hayate Immelman losing control of his VF-1EX trainer. Yeah, he needs Freyja’s help!

Don’t worry though as she got her groove back and started singing like it’s her last!

See her rune? It’s shining brightly just like before!

And look, Hayate is feeling it as Freyja’s voice has reached him. Then again, removing his helmet is unnecessary!

But hey, Hayate got his groove back as well as he recovered instead of plunging down to the sea!

For some reason, they’ll become partners in the future, but they can’t date each other.

In any case, Hayate Immelman defeated Mirage Farina Jenius because of Freyja Wion. Of course, he’s still just a beginner so Hayate shouldn’t become so overconfident!

Anyways, Freyja Wion congratulates him for beating a regular from the Delta Squadron!

While there’s much rejoicing at Hayate’s camp…

…someone is feeling the humiliation as Mirage got beaten by a kid.

Damn, she’s thinking of “I got beaten by a newbie, it’s so frustrating!” or anything that ticked her off. But had Freyja didn’t join Walkure, Hayate would be a goner and got kicked out from the squadron!

Well, that’s about it for this week’s episode of Macross Delta.

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