Sansha Sanyou Episode #02

Time for the second episode of Sansha Sanyou and let’s start it right away with an appearance of a stray cat!

However, a certain demon representative Teru Hayama got attracted to it as she loves cats. Well, at least Hayama didn’t get scratched like Anne Hanakoizumi.

Speaking of Hayama, she has a rival named Serina Nishiyama who is second-best in terms of academics, but excels in athletics as Teru has a weak body.

Also joining Nishiyama is Asako Kondou, but she’s just a friend so Serina so let’s move on…

Meanwhile, this is Kou Hayama who is Teru’s older sister. And unlike Teru’s devil personality, she’s an angel but Kou-chan act like a ditz similar to Shinobu Omiya.

In fact, Kou-chan sucks at cooking as she mixes every ingredient in order to turn into a healthy meal. I don’t think they’ll eat it though…

However, seems that Yoko Nishikawa decided to eat the onigiri anyway. What a brave girl she is despite being formally rich!

In any case, that’s about it for this week’s episode of Sansha Sanyou. See ya on the next episode!

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