The Asterisk War Episode #15

Here’s a flashback from Ayato Amagiri as he couldn’t beat his sister Haruka no matter how many times he could do.

Heck, Ayato teamed up with Saya Sasamiya… and still got schooled by Haruka-nee because she’s damn good!

But now, let’s go back to the present as Ayato Amagiri and Julis-Alexia van Riessfeld will face the Li twins in the Phoenix Festa quarter-finals.

And right off the bat, Shenyun made various copies of himself to stall Ayato until he reached his limit.

See, that bastard wants to humiliate Ayato because he and Shenhua are better… until they faced Arlequint Academy’s puppets which RM-C and AR-D will just decimate the Li twins!

Speaking of Shenhua, where is she?

Oh, seems that Shenhua is hiding her presence so she can land a sneak attack on Julis-Alexia van Riessfeld, as well as planting explosive talismans across the field.

Yeah, they’re trying to rub on their enemies real good!

Anyways, looks like the 5-minute limit has kicked in on Ayato Amagiri, that means it’s game over for him and Julis.

Even if he can land a last-ditch effort, there’s nothing that Ayato can do against the Li twins.

I mean, look at Shenyun’s smug face as he likes tormenting his opponents. You know, I wanna punch him and Shenhua in the face!

In any case, Li Shenyun turned Ayato Amagiri’s body into a puff of smoke. What a bitch he was!

Then again, turns out that Ayato survived and still kicking though as his school crest wasn’t destroyed…

In fact, Julis-Alexia van Riessfeld saved his ass at the nick of time because she doesn’t want her partner to bite the dust!

Now then, what will be their backup plan as their match with the Li twins continues? Then again, I feel that Ayato will have a new power unlocked on the next episode because the plot said so!

Honestly, Haruka Amagiri should have unlocked Ayato’s full potential instead of disappearing at an illegal tournament. And one more thing, seems that Dirk Eberwein’s plan of kidnapping Flora Klemm will be on hold for now.

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