Hundred Episode #03

Well, time for Claire Harvey to stop a Savage from destroying Zwei Islands into nothing!

Of course, Savages ain’t no pushover as they can retaliate by firing its laser!

BTW, seems that Claire Harvey’s allies, Liddy Steinberg and Erica Candle, were knocked out so she’s fighting a Savage by herself.

Luckily, there’s Hayato Kisaragi and Emile Crossford backing her up. On the other hand, seems that Hayato’s left hand has grabbed Claire’s left boob again!

Meanwhile, here’s Emile Crossford saving Liddy Steinberg from being killed by a Savage. However…

It seems that Emile got hit instead. And look, Emile’s true form has finally been revealed!

For Hayato, he finally recognize his roommate as Emilia. Also, seems that he recognized the scar on Emilia’s chest as she was attacked by a Savage a few years ago, yet Hayato couldn’t believed that his childhood friend survived!

In any case, seeing Emil- I mean Emilia getting hurt has triggered his unstoppable rage…

And so he goes to his full-body armament and started attacking the Savage relentlessly!

See, Hayato Kisaragi won’t stop until the Savage has been killed. Of course, there’s a reason why Hayato acted that way as it turns out that he got contact with a Savage virus after sucking the blood out of Emilia.

Hence, Hayato Kisaragi became a Variant and no wonder that he’s powerful, yet it seems that I’ve seen this trope before. I mean, I remember Kanata Age having Devil Beetle strains and got stronger yet he didn’t go insane.

So therefore, it’s time for Emilia to stop his rampage with a kiss. C’mon, it’s the only way to suppress the virus!

And looks, it’s getting a bit erotic by exchanging their oral fluids. Oh Japan!

In any case, Kisaragi got back to normal but he still kept his full-body armament to deliver the final blow to the Savage.

Yup, that would take care of the enemy with a single cut to his blade. Thus, Zwei Islands is save and we can all rejoice!

Of course, there’s still more as Emilia kissed Hayato again because it has to, even though co-ed relationships are prohibited at the dorm as said by student council president Claire Harvey.

See, she doesn’t like seeing someone kissing. You know what, let Kisaragi have her…

…by accidentally kiss her! Oh, and let’s not forget that boob grab for good measure too!

Honestly, I have a feeling that she’ll get infatuated with Kisaragi after Hayato took her first kiss and countless breast gropes that he did.

Next time, he’ll bed Claire Harvey much of Emilia’s annoyance!

In any case, I’ll end this episode as the mysterious idol will make her formal debut on the next episode. It’s sucks that her concert at Zwei Islands got cancelled!

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