Ozine Fest 2016

Hello everyone as I’ve returned in SMX Convention Center for Ozine Fest 2016, which was held in April 16 and 17, 2016.

Sadly, I only attended Day 1 as I found out that the organizers fucked up the anime convention this year! Oh, and this holding area at Hall 2 before the convention open its door is just the tip of the iceberg.

Anyways, let’s start with Kotobukiya’s newest product called Cu-poche, which is comparable to a Nendoroid Super Movable Edition but more articulated than its competitors.

While the lineup is somewhat small, I think Kotobukiya would become successful with this figure line. For now, let’s move onto the convention itself!

As you can see, Ozine Fest has a few merchandise stalls and there’s one or two food stalls.

Honestly, the organizers should have used two Function Rooms, but they used three instead as the convention has too much open spaces!

This one supposed to have a stage platform, but there’s none on Ozine Fest 2016. How can they stage a cosplay or a karaoke competition without one?

While I participate in some of the mini-competitions like a trivia contest, seems that I wasn’t satisfied on how they set-up. However, there’s much worse than this shit…

Here’s the line for the FLOW one-night concert at Function Room 1. It’s supposed to open its doors at 5:30 PM and the concert with start at 7:00 PM.

However, the concert was delayed due to “technical difficulties” according to the organizers.

Around 7:00 PM, the attendees were supposed to proceed to Function Room 1, but it seems that the organizers put them at Function Room 2 as a holding area. Myself included.

The organizers hold us until 9:00 PM where the door is open for the concert. But waiting for 2 or more hours is the most grueling one as Ozine Fest 2016 “almost” turned into a disaster if it wasn’t for SM administration and the Philippine National Police intervening this shitty situation.

Some say that the organizers made the payment to the wrong supplier or it’s just that the contractor is fucking incompetent! I almost got impatient and demanded a refund should the concert got cancelled.

But, the FLOW concert went ahead and damn it’s all worth it amidst the shitty handling of this year’s Ozine Fest! On the other hand, most of the attendees recorded their performance instead of enjoying every single bit. Heck, did the organizers told them not to record nor take a picture during the concert? I guess they didn’t warn them!

With that said, that’s about it for Day 1 of Ozine Fest 2016 as the FLOW concert ends at around 11:00 PM, which is way past closing time. For FLOW, they enjoyed seeing the attendees rockin’ it out even though it was delayed for 2 freaking hours. However, the damage has been done and the organizers can’t do about it. Hell, I don’t even bother returning to SMX Convention Center for Day 2 as it’ll be the same thing as Day 1. But for those who attend Day 2, tell me what you think if the organizers learned from their mistakes or they still fucked up until the end?

Anyways, I’m not gonna attend some anime conventions for the time being as I need to find another job for my hobbies. Also, I’m still re-populating missing pics for my previous blog posts with new ones should you wish to read it again. With that said, peace out!

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