Shinmai Maou no Testament Episodes #20 & 21

Well everyone, we’re at the closing stages of this wonderful anime adaptation of Tetsuto Uesu’s raunchy novel that is Shinmai Maou no Testament.

Anyways, Basara Toujou and his harem have arrived at Leohart’s territory for his challenge, but they won’t fight him and his allies right away…

You see, they need to blow off some steam after a long trip towards the current demon lord’s realm.

And what a way to relieve themselves is by applying some slime. Yeah, that’ll work wonders!

Also, here’s an obligatory picture of Zest getting in on with Basara ’cause she needs more love like any other girls!

Meanwhile just before the competition starts, here’s Yahi- I mean Lars buying some perfume at a back alley medicine shop.

Some say that Basacchi made that request for his harem, but we’ll never know until later…

…as Basara is currently groping and sucking Mio’s tits at the shower. As usual, Mio is enjoying every single bit!

I mean, if someone would grope and molest her other than Basara, Mio Naruse would be a broken slut who’s hungry for penises.

But let’s not talk about NTR on Shinmai Maou no Testament ’cause I hate it, as it’s time for the demon lord’s challenge!

First match is between Luka and Mio Naruse. For Luka however, he won’t fight in person…

…as Luka summoned his heroic spirit instead to fight Mio. Yeah, this is gonna be a tough fight!

Not for Mio Naruse though as she can use her demonic powers to the fullest.

And this is the result as Luka’s heroic spirit was obliterated. One point towards Basara’s team!

The second match is between Maria Naruse and Lars, who is now a member of Leohart’s team. I wonder what he’s planning on this fight?

Also, here’s Maria’s brief transformation into her adult form ’cause why not!

Of course, she can’t land a hit against Taki- I mean Lars as he’s more skilled than Maria. Well, that’s sucks for Maria Naruse!

In any case, time to put that succubus out of her misery as Lars made explosive spheres…

…and blast her until she’s knocked out! Well, that’s one point for Leohart’s team!

Next match is betweek Kurumi Nonaka and Admirath, but it seems that Admirath wants to demoralize Kurumi as Basara Toujou wasn’t there at the stadium.

Yeah, I forgot to tell you that Basacchi wasn’t present before the challenge has begun.

In any case, an easy win for Admirath as he stomp Kurumi horribly. That’s 2 to 1 in favor of Leohart’s team!

Well, make it 3 to 1 as Zest interfered the match. What a bastard!

On the other hand, I wonder who will be Zest’s opponent should she didn’t butt in? Well, it doesn’t matter anyway!

Moving onto the next match as Yuki Nonaka faces off against Volga who is the brother of Valga, but I don’t care who he is anyway!

Heck, even Yuki doesn’t care who Volga is as she’s freaking angry right now. Before the fight, she’s shaken with doubt as Yuki is worried about Basara losing control.

But now, she’s calm but brimming with fury as Yuki kill Volga without much effort! In any case, that’s 2 points for Basara’s team but Leohart’s team edged them out with a single point so far.

Meanwhile, what happened to Basacchi anyway?

But first, here’s this new character that’s far worse than Zolgear. This is Lord Belphegor and he’s planning to get Mio Naruse and submit to his will!

Of course, he won’t have to as Belphegor was attacked by Basara Toujou who hide his presence using the perfume he got from Yahiro Takigawa (or Lars if you want to call him that way).

Okay, that makes sense now but it’s a good thing he didn’t use the essence of Zolgear to his harem!

In any case, Lord Belphegor is dead and there’s nothing to worry about Mio being kidnapped by various demon lords!

By the way, there’s an update in regards to Leohart’s challenge against Basara Toujou’s team as they’re all tied up with 3 points each.

Turns out that Balflear ditch the next match as he’s investigating something fishy behind Leohart’s back.

It seems that the demon lord council is planning to use the relic to betray Leohart and rule over the underworld, should his team lost to Basacchi and his harem on the final match!

And speaking of Leohart, the current demon lord is ready for the deciding battle. However, he won’t be facing Basara Toujou as Leohart will face Lord Ramsus at a special place called Xamdu.

I have to say that Leohart’s council is playing dirty as they don’t want a lowly exiled hero like Basacchi facing against the current demon lord. But if he doesn’t show up, the council will hand Leohart the victory by default!

Meanwhile for Basara Toujou, he’s passed out after slaying Lord Belphegor. But will he make it and face the demon lord Leohart? Only a miracle will pull him through!

Anyways, I’ll see you next month as I’ll cover Episodes 22 and 23 of Shinmai Maou no Testament. See ya and let’s hope that Basacchi can get there!

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