Anne Happy Episode #03

Let’s start this episode with Hibiki Hagyu as she’s not good with directions…

Oh, and she always crash into things like electric posts and those dreaded walls. Can’t forget those!

Anyways, this is Episode 3 where the students at Class 7 are playing a board game called Timothy Land.

Oh, and they’re not playing a table-top board game…

…as Timothy Land is built on a grand scale beneath the school gym. Well, it’s way better than playing Russian Roulette!

By the way, seeing the whole board reminds me of Pac-Man.

Speaking of Russian Roulette, the homeroom teacher meant it should they didn’t play the Timothy Land board game!

Also, whoever finished last would get a penalty by having extra homework. Better play the damn board game then!

Oh yeah, and here’s Hibiki Hagyu as she challenges Ruri Hibarigaoka to see who’s better, even though Hibari-chan doesn’t know if she has a rivalry with Hibiki.

Also, Ren Ekoda wants to befriend with the trio. Good for Ren, but not for Hibiki though!

But let’s move onto Timothy Land as players are trying to defy their bad luck in order to complete the board game! Of course, only a few would fail like Anne Hanakoizumi and her two friends.

Speaking of Hanako’s friends, please enjoy watching Ruri Hibarigaoka in her bunny gal uniform!

On the other hand, there’s Botan Kumegawa in a squid suit. Honestly, the fact that Botan is emitting her bad aura is somewhat scary!

Lastly, there’s Ren Ekoda in a tight tiger suit holding Hibiki Hagyu like a princess. Aww, that’s freaking sweet!

Now as for the Timothy Land board game, it seems that the Hanako’s group got last place after losing to a tie-breaker with the Hibiki/Ren pair. Well, it’s sucks that both Hibari-chan and Botan will get extra homework aside from Hanako-chan!

Anyways, see ya next episode…

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