Hundred Episode #04

Well everyone, here’s the next story arc and while Hayato Kisaragi is starting to get the hang of his Variant powers, he’s got a new mission as a member of the Selections because Hayato is special!

His first mission is to guard the not-so mysterious idol Sakura Kirishima whose concert at Zwei Islands got cancelled due to a Savage threat from last week’s episode.

Anyways, Sakura is interested on Hayato after saving the island, so much that she wants to marry him. Um Kirishima-san, you’ll anger a lot of fans with that bold move of yours!

Oh yeah, and Sakura Kirishima is also a Hundred user. However, she doesn’t slay Savages as Sakura uses her Fairy Fairytale to control the battlefield, making her as somewhat the support-type.

Also I have to say that I loved her fairy outfit, but Sakura-chan needs to go galactic in order to reach her song just like Sheryl Nome!

Meanwhile, here’s Hayato Kisaragi being invited by Emilia Hammett for some nice warm bath together. C’mon, there’s nothing wrong with that!

One more thing, seems that Emilia’s scar on her chest is starting to fade away. But you know what, the only thing I wanna stare is her breasts!

Of course, she got nothing on Claire Harvey’s bigger bust size!

Lastly, I’m gonna end this episode where I introduce some Variants. But these guys are not fighting Savages for the sake of humanity!

Anyways, let’s hope that Sakura Kirishima’s concert won’t be cancelled again.

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