Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta? Episode #03

By the way, this is Hideki Nishimura’s homeroom teacher named Yui Saitou. Isn’t she beautiful, coupled with Yoshino Nanjou’s mature voice?

By the way, Nanjou-san is doing the ending thing just to let you know!

For now, more grinding at Legendary Age by the Net Game Club. Too bad that Kyou Goshouin’s newly-formed club will be disbanded unless they found an advisor.

By the way, Ako is not wearing her usual clothes today because it’s water-resistant, hence forcing to wear a fire-resistant robe even though Ako-chan doesn’t like it. Of course, Ako Tamaki has many problems beyond her avatar appearance like not being serious at playing Legendary Age in the first place!

You know what, I feel that Touma Kamijou should break her illusions with his Imagine Breaker!

Meanwhile, here’s Hide- I mean Lucian as he’s asking Nekohime for some advice on his wife Ako. Unfortunately, talking to Nekohime is a bad idea…

…as Ako suspects her husband on infidelity, even though both Lucian and Ako are friends in real-life.

C’mon Ako-chan, apart from your yandere tendencies, there’s nothing wrong with Lucian asking someone for advice on helping you out!

Anyways, Ako decides to meet Nekohime in the same train station back in the first episode, so Luci- I mean Hideki decides to chase her!

I bet that person behind Nekohime is taking Ako-chan at a nearby love hotel since Nekohime is a guy in real-life!

But I was wrong about it as Ako Tamaki points out that Nekohime’s true identity is none other than Saitou-sensei. What!?

Well, at least Nekohime wasn’t a burly guy in real-life. Oh, and Saitou-sensei was black- I mean recruited by Kyou Goshouin as the advisor of the Net Game Club, which means that their grinding session at Legendary Age will continue untl Goshoin graduates!

Anyways, that’s about it for Episode 3 and I’ll see you on the next episode!

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